Why Are We Called Splash Creative?


A smooth stone drops into a pond and creates vibrant ripples from its impact. What if your marketing efforts had that same power to produce waves of enthusiasm, excitement, and success?

There are well-worn paths that you can take to meet your goals. But if you truly want to succeed, you need to make a splash.

Splash Creative is all about creating those ripples. Let’s take a look at where we got our name and how we can bring a splash of creativity to your business.

A Splash and a Ripple

Let’s go back to the imagery of the stone creating waves in the water. That initial impact sends out ripples that can reach the far banks of the shore if you make a big enough splash.

You need someone on your side who understands how to make that first big impact. You also need someone who is focused on who those ripples reach and how they interact with each other.

Looking at social media as an example, you can see how your campaign can generate instant likes, clicks, and engagement. A smart, multi-pronged approach to your online presence can make the right kind of ripples.

Getting Creative Inside the Box

You’ve heard of that cliche “think outside the box“? We’re actually all about filling that box with creative, unique ideas and using that empty space to explore your brand.

The walls of your box define who you are. There is potential — and power — within it.

Think about how you can buy a kid an expensive present and they want to play with the box that it came in. Those undefined possibilities are all unlocked with fresh eyes and a creative mindset.

Space to Explore

Your ripples have far-reaching potential. Once you send them out, you’ll be surprised what they can touch.

Giving yourself space to explore your ripples can lead to amazing results. Ultimately, we want to touch people, for the ripples we create to reach them and bounce back.

Human connection is the cornerstone of any successful business. Make a significant enough splash and you’ll reach so many people that your ripples will come back to you.

Seeing positive results leads to more ripples, more positive interactions, and better, deeper connections. Let’s keep making waves, keep reaching others, and let one success lead to the next.

Bring a Splash of Creativity to Your Business

Don’t tread the same paths that so many others have. Together we can think inside your box and use that creative space to its fullest potential.

We won’t just drop your stone into the water, satisfied with the splash. We want to expand your ripples, understand their impact, and learn how we can keep them going, reaching as many people as possible.

Thinking inside the box can be exciting. You’ll start to see multiple possibilities in the spaces that other people ignore once you apply a splash of creativity.

Are you as excited as we are to make a big splash and start building real relationships between you and your customers? Let’s make ripples together — contact us today!