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Indians have also suffered from respiratory diseases caused by coal dust and heavy noise pollution [128]. The Coca-Cola Company | Jersey Standard officially changes its name to Exxon Corporation. Mastercard | Es entstand, als die Stena Drilling Company im Auftrag der Exxon-Tochter Mobil North Sea bei einer Erdölbohrung mit der Plattform High Seas Driller einen Blowout auslöste. • In 1993 Exxon paid $1 million in air pollution fines for its Bayway refinery in Linden, N.J. It came after two separate attacks on United States Military bases in Iraq and one week after two oil tankers being hit by a 'flying object' in the Gulf of Oman. Standard Oil of New York later became Mobil, a predecessor to Exxon/Mobil. The U.S. Navy's investigation has led to reasonable suspicion to believe Tehran's connection to the attacks. The energy sector is a category of stocks that relate to producing or supplying energy, i.e., oil and gas drilling and refining or power utility companies. The finance division is based there (deals with internal finance) [20]. General Motors | The Coca-Cola Company | [19] ExxonMobil increasingly drills in terrains leased to them by dictatorships, such as those in Chad and Equatorial Guinea. In June 2019, following Washington D.C.'s increased sanctions on Iran, a rocket landed near the residential headquarters of ExxonMobil,[111] Royal Dutch Shell, and ENI SpA. This was reckless given the central role played by energy in all economies [108].’. USD, steht Exxon Mobil laut den Fortune Global 500 auf Platz 8 der weltgrößten Unternehmen (Stand: 2019). We make the products that drive modern transportation, power cities, lubricate industry and provide petrochemical building blocks that lead to thousands of consumer goods. [39] Esso / Exxon Chemical – ‘Forward focus – Graduate opportunities’, summer 1998. [94], In 2014, ExxonMobil had two "non-monetary" asset swap deals with LINN Energy LLC. Is Latest to Look Into Exxon Mobil's Workings", "SEC Probes Exxon Over Accounting for Climate Change; Probe also examines company's practice of not writing down the value of oil and gas reserves", "A New Debate Over Pricing the Risks of Climate Change", "How to deal with worries about stranded assets, Oil companies need to heed investors' concerns", "Exxon Concedes It May Need to Declare Lower Value for Oil in Ground", "After 78 Years, Exxon Asks Court To Use 'Esso' Name Again", "Rex Tillerson, Exxon C.E.O., Chosen as Secretary of State", "Federal Climate Investigation of Exxon Likely to Fizzle Under Trump", "ExxonMobil and Iran did business under Secretary of State nominee Tillerson", "The Trump administration has denied ExxonMobil permission to bypass sanctions to drill for oil in Russia", Exxon Mobil Sues U.S. Over Penalty For Post-Sanctions Russian Deal, "Rocket hits ExxonMobil, other oil firms in Iraq", "Exxon Mobil eyes multi-billion dollar investment at Singapore refinery | Market Report Company - analytics, Prices, polyethylene, polypropylene, polyvinylchloride, polystyrene, Russia, Ukraine, Europe, Asia, reports", "Energy Choices: ExxonMobil - Exxon Energy", "Financial operations overview and highlights | ExxonMobil", "Exxon Mobil 2014 reserves up on oil sands, shale", "Exxon Mobil to drill offshore post-Ebola Liberia", "Ivory Coast signs deals with ExxonMobil for two oil blocks", "Exxon Mobil ends oil exploration in Madagascar after poor finds -minister", "ExxonMobil's Proposed Permian Oil Pipeline Takes Another Step Forward", "Exxon in Talks to Restructure Stake in Japan Refining Unit", "TonenGeneral to Buy Exxon Japan Refining, Marketing Unit for $3.9 Billion", "ExxonMobil chemicals: petrochemicals since 1886", "Exxon Quietly Researching Hundreds of Green Projects", "ExxonMobil Earns $19.7 Billion in 2017; $8.4 Billion in Fourth Quarter", "ExxonMobil's New Campus: Giving Houston a Second Energy Corridor", "ExxonMobil announces plans to open two new offices in Hughes Landing", "Exxon Mobil Corporation, Form 8-K, Current Report, Filing Date Dec 16, 2016", "Big US Pension Fund Joins Critics Of ExxonMobil Climate Stance", "Toxic 100 Air Polluters Index (2018 Report, Based on 2015 Data)", "Greenhouse 100 Polluters Index (2018 Report, Based on 2015 Data)", "Toxic 100 Water Polluters Index (2018 Report, Based on 2015 Data)", "Just 100 companies responsible for 71% of global emissions, study says", "New report shows just 100 companies are source of over 70% of emissions - CDP", "Familiar Back and Forth With Oil Executives", "ERES: ExxonMobil Shareholders Relying on Fumes", "What Exxon knew about the Earth's melting Arctic", "Exxon's Own Research Confirmed Fossil Fuels' Role in Global Warming Decades Ago; Top executives were warned of possible catastrophe from greenhouse effect, then led efforts to block solutions", "Exxon Mobil Acknowledges Climate Change Risk To Business For First Time", "Exxon's Support of a Tax on Carbon: Rhetoric or Reality?


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