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He has a crush on a classmate, a girl named Sophia, so he goes to her house and talks with her father, who gives him a VHS tape of Sophia being molested. The doglike demon takes them on a hellish ride through dimensions and time periods. This is what the people in Bird Box saw that made them kill themselves. [2], ScreamerClauz credited his daily use of marijuana and previous psilocybin mushroom and LSD experiences for the film's visuals. The film ends with a view of the three children (Tommy, Sophia and Ralph) alongside the spirit (Monk), the prostitute and The Man, who is nailed to a cross. YouTuber TheMysteriousMrEnter said during a vlog that he was deeply disturbed by the film, and refuses to review it. Reasons for deleted comments are as follows: malicious propaganda, harassing others, pornography or if the comment makes no sense. Birdemic was made with no studio support, largely self-financed and produced through Nguyen's Moviehead Pictures company for a budget of less than $10,000. From Awful Movies Wiki. You are ignoring the author of this comment. They are haunted by a talking dog named Labby who brings them on surreal hell-rides between different dimensions and time periods. Web reviewers will be considered if they meet the requirements of the wiki. The man has a flashback and confuses the prostitute for the enemy. Unearthed Films handles the home video distribution. is a 2012 computer-animated adventure comedy film directed by Lawrence Kasanoff and produced by Threshold Entertainment. Labby pulls her baby out from the womb, and bites off his father's penis. A demon begins to stalk them in the form of a talking, black, red-eyed dog named Labby. Please refrain from swearing in the articles. Awful voice acting and sound that feels completely out of place. Do not create new categories. ), (Thinking I would make this page before September, but I didn't want to put generic reasons. Ralph returns to find the spirit, Tommy and Sophia at the well. The film has yet to be released on streaming services. (e.g. After finishing half of the comic, ScreamerClauz instead decided to make a 3D animation and bought models from Cinema 4D's Interposer plugin to animate scenes on his computer and edit them with Adobe Premiere. Inspired by Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds, Birdemic tells the story of a romance between the two main characters as their small town is attacked by birds. The kids, named Tommy, Sofia and Ralph, are being haunted by a talking, black, red-eyed dog named Labby, that takes them on a hellish ride through dimensions and time periods. Jimmy ScreamerClauz himself admitted he was high on drugs when he wrote this. Using blog posts as sandboxes to get around this rule is not allowed. 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They range from idiotic (Tommy), annoying (Ralph and his twin, Tommy’s dad), unlikable and selfish (the murder from the second short), disturbing (The little girls dad), too just plain evil and satanic (Labby). HELL NO!!!!!!!!!!!! The story is by far the worst. Making a page about a whole trilogy doesn't make a lot of sense if you want to say why each one of them sucks. Welcome to the Awful Movies Wiki! Liquid Memories, originally called The Lovening, recast the actors from Tainted Milk, with the addition of Brandon Slagle as "The Man". Ralph comes home to find his father watching the new tape; he says he's proud of Ralph, and admits to raping Sophia. The shot of him later picking up his dead unborn brother and hugging him is depressing. Guided by Labby, Tommy is unable to kill his mother. This film makes me do nostalgia critic's reaction on the baby dream scene in Junior. He has a dream where Sophia asks him to take off his mask, he does so and she is not disgusted. In addition, there have been movies that made you laugh at just how bad they are. ScreamerClauz animated and produced the entire movie by himself, which is quite impressive to say the least. Do not create a page about trilogies/duologies/etc. Where the Dead Go to Die is a 2012 American adult animated anthology horror film written, directed, composed, edited, and animated by James "Jimmy ScreamerClauz" Creamer. If I do a reupload, some of the sex scenes will but censored such as the bestiality scene, the one where Labby bites his dad, however the nudity will remain uncensored, only the most innapropriate scenes will be censored in my version, https://awfulmovies.miraheze.org/w/index.php?title=Where_the_Dead_Go_to_Die&oldid=105128, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-SA 4.0). For more detailed rules about accepted web reviewers, read the specific article, There are two major headings to use for each wiki page: The. Repeatedly breaking this rule without warning will increase the duration of further blocks. [1] ScreamerClauz utilized motion capture for the segment by using an Xbox 360 Kinect, and decided to title the full "anthology-style feature film" as Where the Dead Go to Die. Feel free to create an account and contribute with us. The official trailer says nothing about the film. If you think a new category is needed ask the admins and they'll make it for you if your suggestion proves to be useful. Breaking any of the aforementioned rules will result in. The first segment is called "Tainted Milk", the second is called "Liquid Memories", and the last segment is called "The Mask That the Monsters Wear". YES! This led him to complete his first film called Reality Bleed-Through, which he said was frustrating to make but had a big influence on the segment Tainted Milk.[1][2]. If you are rude towards another user, expect a permanent ban. Removing information or messing with the articles without giving a good reason is considered vandalism and can result in a permanent ban. ), Adding links along with his good/best works from Greatest Movies Wiki. However, plagiarism is not acceptable for anything else. He arrives at Sophia's house, where her father tells him to have sex with Sophia while he films. In the commentary, he said that much of the film's content was included because it was "weird, funny, or fucked up". ), (Wakanda forever and never ending/forgotten. Categories are not allowed on sandboxes. He told them to act 'over the top', and included a laugh track and other sound effects. If you wish to make unofficial pages, it is recommended to use a blog post for that. The film revolves around a group of kids living on the same block. The limbs yanked out of bodies like legs, arms and even genitals, brutal on-screen deaths, child abuse, and even. He re-wrote the script a number of times and hired actress Ruby LaRocca and actors Joshua Michael Greene, Victor Bonacore, and Joey Smack. The kids, named Tommy, Sofia and Ralph, are being haunted by a talking, black, red-eyed dog named Labby, that takes them on a hellish ride through dimensions and time periods. More like where the Dumb Losers Go to Eat a Tree. Adding YouTube videos that have swearing in the title is allowed, but will be controlled. Stay in hell, you hell-spawn of a movie!! He arrives at Sophia's house and kills her father, along with one of two men filming another video. The film mostly follows Tommy, Ralph and Sophia, a group of children living on the same block. If anyone thinks When Black Birds Fly deserves to be here, then make a page. A sequel called Birdemic 2: The Resurrection was even made. Labby speaks in very quiet tone, which can be extremely irritating and at various points it can be almost impossible to know what he's saying. I almost lost my appetite because of this movie. I never watched this movie, but looks like a poorly made CreepyPasta, This movie is intense, not to mention, this movie, it's rated X18+, R18+, and maybe even rated RC, Maybe even pdophiles and zoophiles will be scared and frightenes this movie. The movie has no reviews from professional critics. Do not insert any points among the lines of "no one wanted this film" in the "Why It Sucks" section. [1] After completing the second segment, which took a year to make, ScreamerClauz sent footage to a number of film festivals, all of whom rejected it except for the Dark Carnival Film Festival. Where the Dead Go to Die is a 2012 American adult animated anthology horror film written, directed, composed, edited, and animated by James "Jimmy ScreamerClauz" Creamer. (The comment is on the orange background), (shit I said something that may have been too personal,,,,, I'm not gonna reveal any more info about it, this site is not the place for it), (I agree. If your article is suspected of being plagiarized, it will get deleted and you will be blocked for one day the first time you break this rule. "Where the Dead Go To Die" revolves around a troubled group of children living on the same block. No exceptions. The serial killer/drug addict, introduced to the film as "The Man" at the well, routinely kills his victims in a church and extracts a memory gland that he uses to alter his own memories. It must be! Ralph, at the well, is pushed in by Labby. This film is the worst movie I have ever seen! BosherStudios254 doesn't not copy other Thomas YouTubers... Blog:Battle For Douche Island (Fake Movie Collab (Nersh1rt)), https://awfulmovies.miraheze.org/w/index.php?title=Awful_Movies_Wiki&oldid=107641, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-SA 4.0).


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