where is todd pettengill going after wplj
We don't do Snap Chat, but we do everything else. ", "On this show," says Pettengill, "there will be no mention of Jay and the Americans. https://www.allaccess.com/power-player/archive/18829/todd-pettengill Paying it forward shouldn't be something you say; it should be something you do. "The rumors you've been hearing are true," said Todd Pettengill, co-host of the Todd and Jayde show and arguably the station's most popular host. ", Todd Pettingill, formerly half of Scott and Todd, now host of WPLJ's "Todd Show.". "It's not really time for me to reminisce," he said, "but with our final show we'll take calls and let people have their say.". Please help us serve you better, fill out our survey. -- After almost a half-century of playing hit music, 95.5 WPLJ went off the air at 7 p.m. Friday. He emphasizes he isn't slamming his long-time partner. If they hear us refer to something and then see it on a social media check-in, it reaffirms our content and drives it home. We'd like to hear from you! It would be nice for younger broadcasters to have the experience of taking transmitter readings, emptying the garbage pails and turning off the lights after the national anthem. It's also an amazing way to let people get the word out about charity events and shout-outs. Clearly they have their place but I'm a radio guy and I still believe there's nothing like live-and-local content. Clearly we want them to listen, but we realize people have jobs. On Friday at 7 p.m., WPLJ — once the broadcast home of Fink and Jim Kerr, of Tony Pigg and Scott Shannon, current home of Todd Pettengill — will be no more, silenced in … Read on to learn why. Opening it up to make sure everyone knows every job makes it a lot tougher for things to fall through the cracks. Wouldn't you rather listen to someone who cares about you and your event? The listeners have choices -- especially in New York where there are literally hundreds of signals. Pettengill then announced his newest venture: The Todd Show in the Morning on WPLJ. I mean you've become family, and it's one of those things that's pretty rare in radio now.". On Friday, the iconic New York station, on the air since 1971, goes silent for good. In December 1980, after days of wall-to-wall Beatles and John Lennon music in the wake of Lennon's murder, his widow reached out, recalled Jimmy Fink, a longtime disc jockey at the station. I was joined by Larry Fischer, who later led Time Warner Cable Sales for many years. It was so powerful.". The best platform is the radio station, WPLJ. Exclusive interviews, reviews and insights. Some days that's 11a and other days it's 4p. "It's 48 years of history in New York City, and, you know, it's sad to see it end. Pettengill said he is still under contract and won't make any decisions about his next chapter for a while. Your California Privacy Rights/Privacy Policy. People love to be able to hear themselves on the show and share it with their friends. If you think the caller is being a little zany and over the top, odds are you’re getting pranked by award-winning radio broadcaster and former WWE announcer Todd Pettengill. Just thank you for your loyalty and for listening all these years and for being a huge part of my life and everybody who works there. Todd Clark Pettengill (born April 18, 1966 in Hagaman, New York) is an American radio disc jockey who most recently worked for WPLJ 95.5 in the New York area. The site also includes exclusive content for subscribers. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vine, Pinterest are our primary platforms. Pettengill says he just has an old-school view of radio. I only hope to live that long. We can talk about the things that directly impact our listeners. He's my right hand and, in my opinion, the best producer in the country. ", "You never say goodbye, but for this you say, 'See you later,' I guess.". 'Classist and disgusting’: AOC rips Trump for mocking her college degree, Our new battle plan on the COVID war front: Gov. Here’s How To Handle Them. I have a responsibility to lead by example. Watch, Listen and Learn reflects our commitment to a robust educational program, particularly access to online learning tools, which are key in attracting and retaining quality employees and delivering knowledge to clients and prospects. After nearly 50 years on the air, New York radio institution WPLJ is not going away quietly. I am aware of them and spend some time with them -- and they are great if you want a jukebox, but that's not radio. The thing is ... it has to be genuine. “Skip two Starbucks and you’ve got the month. "I've read every comment, and it's humbling," Pettengill said. After 7 p.m. Friday, when New Yorkers tune to 95.5 they’ll get a Bible verse of the day and “one minute of encouragement” from K-LOVE, based in Omaha, Nebraska. Saturday is a "best of" show. My team pitches me content and I have the final say as to what goes on. Are there occasions when it gets a little loud? © 2020 MediaVillage is a registered trademark of MyersBizNet. Behind-the-scenes in Hollywood. Sheila posts all of our story content. “It's $9.55 — that’s nine five five a month,” he said. Radio trade publication ramp247.com reports that the on-air farewell will begin Thursday at 9 a.m., with appearances from WPLJ legends like Scott … No local flavor. You can't teach this - "just be you" is what I told her. Todd has got some great, grassroots ideas to share. The show will launch on Sept. 5 or 9/5. It's essential to be a multi-platform show and deliver across the board. Cuomo, grinning, says boyfriend he claimed to ‘like’ is ‘no longer with us’, NYC families unable to have kids log into online classes fear being reported to child services for truancy, Black Americans have to ‘want to be successful’ for Trump to help them, Kushner says. Doing Oldies is right in his wheelhouse. It's how we, collectively, as a show, have decided to say thank you for listening. We like to say it's real life, real people, real funny. It's the coolest damn way to make a living. I learn more from being at those events than I could from reading about it. She is so perfectly balanced -- so honest to a fault and talks about things you'd think of but never say -- she has no filter, which is a challenge for me but I love it. He's never met an insult he wouldn't use. There's no us and them. The last time New York radio station WPLJ went silent, it was because Yoko Ono asked it to. "Our main job is to entertain," says Pettengill. Radio is still the greatest medium on the planet. We will solicit listeners to nominate their neighborhoods, to have us come out to visit. In the past, Scott would talk about things he called "knuckleheads," which were the weird stories from around the country. Our privacy policy and terms of use are changing to better explain the data we collect, how we use it, and to give you more information about your rights and choices with respect to your data. We play the hottest songs in the morning. Divney moved on to head sales for MTV, A&E Networks and ultimately to become President of Comedy Central and CRO for MTV Networks. Click here for our privacy policy. Said Fink, "They'll put the K-LOVE network on the radio, but it doesn't emanate from New York, and I don't think that they are going to have any local aspect of the radio station anymore.". "With anyone," says Pettengill, "and I'm sure this is true for Scott, too, there are little things you do differently when you have a different team.". We all do our own personal tweets and Facebook posts, too. But I had a hell of a ride. Todd Pettengill is returning to broadcasting, kind of. Broadcast radio needs to stay united and see the whole field. “Now, I don't have this guy in a suit saying, ‘Well, we wouldn't do that.’”, The new subscription plan pricing and launch date is a nod to his former longtime radio home. "It has to be local and it has to be about people," he says. If you're only worried about what you do, you're not seeing the whole field. Monk loves to stir the pot and create drama out of thin air. I look forward to getting her reaction to things on the air; they are always oddly, lovingly, unpredictable. I'd actually rather they hadn't called it that, because it's really an ensemble.". We were there for the audience. I'm proud to have been a small part of the WPLJ legend. It's the SNL mentality. Note from MediaVillage founder Jack Myers: If you love the history of media, I strongly recommend Jeff Minsky's tribute below to WPLJ-FM, which ends its 48-year run tonight. Two things. From 1993 to 1997, he also served as an on-screen backstage interviewer for the World Wrestling Federation . “I wanted to give somebody something to listen to on their commute, and make sure it is my sort of vision,” … Cooper is the only team member with a PHD. It is unknown what his next move will be. The rest of us have ph do not's. Absolutely. The network's slogan is “Positive & Encouraging K-LOVE.”. Jeff Minsky is editor of and lead industry analyst for The Myers Report at MyersBizNet and MediaVillage contributor But Wait,That's Not All.... Jeff Minsky is a multi-award-winning advertising and digital media pioneer, innovator, strategist and respe… read more.


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