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A logical extension of this belief was the terrifying notion that preserved bodies were the perfect vessels for possession by evil spirits. Judas Iscariot was described as having red hair; thus came the clan of vampires known as the Children of Judas. Marquise of OA novel by the German playwright and poet Heinrich von Kleist (1777-1811), written in 1805 and considered an important work in creating the archetypal vampire in Gothic literature. Where the kresnik was the representative of goodness and light, the kudlak symbolized evil and darkness. He was allowed to untie only one knot a year, a task that took eternity to complete. The son of an Italian contessa and a colonel in the King's Royal Rifle Corps, Lee made his motion picture debut in the 1947 Corridor of Mirrors, securing small roles throughout the early 1950s. Interview with the Vampire works on many levels, from the purely literary to the morbid and disturbingly eerie, the innermost thoughts and feelings of the living dead revealed in stunning imagery and prose. Soon after, however, with his source of strength gone, Helleborus had a relapse and died, his goal achieved. Hollywood Gothic. Originally a poet, Smith (1893-1961) composed verse for the magazine and then sold his first short story in May 1930, "The End of the Story." Senf. The accepted method for destroying the neuntdter is to place lemon in its mouth. ISBN 0-517-16206-7 1. Hiding in her bed, she watched helplessly as the creature clawed its way into her room, grabbed her hair with its long, bony fingers, and sank its teeth into her neck. Bram Stoker used the limitations to advantage in describing Dracula's journey to England. . Saint-Germain, Le C o m t e de In full, Rakoczy, comte de SaintGermain, a historical figure transformed by Chelsea Quinn Yarbro into a literary vampire hero, first appearing in the novel Hotel Transylvania (1978). Ray Family V a m p i r e A North American story of an undead who tormented the Ray family of Connecticut, originally reported in an 1854 article in the Norwich Courier. Among the Russians, the undead waited at crossroads, drinking the blood of the unsuspecting who chanced by. A year later he began studying for the Roman Catholic priesthood but was never ordained, perhaps for reasons related to his early life, w h e n he may have dabbled in necromancy and sorcery. File size: 9 4. Vampire Information Exchange Eric Held Box 328 Brooklyn, NY 11229-0328 Send $4 for a sample newsletter and for membership information. Toor, Frances. Suddenly, she became aware of two lights moving among the trees between the lawn of the house and the churchyard. The eyes look like polished tin; the lips are drawn back, and the principal feature next to those dreadful eyes is the teeth—the fearful-looking teeth—projecting like those of some wild animal, hideously, glaringly white, and fang-like. 1926) whose first story, "Born of Man and W o m a n , " appeared in 1950. The novel was filmed twice, as The Last Man on Earth (1964) with Vincent Price and The Omega Man (1971) with Charlton Heston. Soon others came forward to report on other vampires: one had been dead for thirty years and had killed three family members; another, dead sixteen years, had sucked the blood and life out of two of his sons. Taken to be burned, it seemed strangely heavy. D e r l e t h , A u g u s t American writer (1909-1971), contributor of more than one hundred stories to the magazine Weird Tales, who made his debut at the age of seventeen with his "Bat's Belfry" (1926). 33 Brides of Dracula Brides of Dracula The sequel to the very successful Horror of Dracula (1958) made by Hammer Films in 1960, it did not star Christopher Lee as Dracula. Jones was especially interested in psychoanalyzing folklore and literature. Other stories of vampire plants, grass, or trees include H. G. Wells's "The Flowering of the Strange Orchid" (1895) and "The Purple Terror" (1894) and Algern o n Blackwood's "The Transfer" (1912). On the positive side, vampires theoretically found the choice of four paths to be confusing, standing in the middle of the road pondering the proper direction until dawn, at which time they were forced to hurry back to their graves. Curses normally involve the intervention of God, 57 Cushing, Peter the devil, or the casting of magic in intercessions. Beheim was in the service of Emperor Frederick III of the Holy Roman Empire and the House of Hapsburg, writing his poem probably during the winter of 1463, w h e n he and his master were residing at Wiener Neustadt. The entire production is moodily effective, energized by Frid's now familiar performance, reliable special effects, and the supporting cast. Recent studies, however, indicate that he probably initiated his research as early as 1890. Set in the Carpathian Mountains, the tale foreshadows the plot of Stoker's Dracula, complete with a wandering knight and the destruction scene in a castle. Tieck, J o h a n n L u d w i g : See "Wake Not the Dead." 36 Caligula Byron, Lord Known in full as George Gordon Noel Byron, sixth Baron Byron, the English Romantic poet (1788-1824), considered one of the most influential of his era, the epitome of the Romantic movement. Stakes Mallet Mirror Cross Garlic Holy wafer (optional) Holy water Knives Rope Saw Crowbar Pistol Flashlight Neck brace or iron collar (optional) Dogrose birth. The following year he played Van Helsing for the first time in the Horror of Dracula (1958), presenting the character as the complex m a n of spirit and science intended by Bram Stoker in the novel Dracula (1897). The necrophiliac very closely monitors the obituaries and then digs up recently deceased women or breaks into their tombs. Bulgarian monsters drink blood only w h e n food is scarce. One morning, while visiting the local peasants with this cousin, he came across a m a n whose health had begun to fail after his second marriage. Less Common Attributes Causing blights and crop failures: Vampires are opposed in this activity by the kresnik. ( See also Dhampir. ) A d v e n t u r e of t h e Sussex Vampire, T h e " A Sherlock Holmes mystery, written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and originally published in the Strand. Another name in use for these beings is priculics. Sleepwalking can be partly responsible for causing a relative, usually a brother, to become a vampire. The dangers of this form of vampirism were detailed in several works, including Eaves's Modern Vampirism: Its Dangers and How to Avoid Them (1904) and Dion Fortune's Psychic Self-Defense (1930). Count Will Rise Again, or Dracula in Dixie Dearest Dracula Death at the Crossroads Dracula Dracula Dracula Dennis Snee 1980 Sneed Hearn n.d. Sabbatarian twins could be used to protect Gypsy villages—male and female twins, wearing their underclothing inside out, could drive away vampires. Frazer, J. G. The Golden Bough, vol. There are as many theories about the home of the undead as there are species. (See Vlad Tepes.) The belief in vampire pumpkins is found among the Gypsies of the Balkans, particularly those of the Muslim faith. He gazed upon the mirth around him, as if he could not participate therein. (See also Destroying the Vampire. ) The liver is thrown on a fire, expands, and is eaten, at which time the victim dies. V a m p i r e Bats The most famous of the subspecies of bat, found throughout Central and South America and the Caribbean. Other suggested roots have included the Turkish uber ("witch") and the Serbo-Croatian pirati ("to b l o w " ) . He would lie in wait in the woods for victims, choosing young women w h o wandered by. It has been pointed out by vampire hunters of history, films, and literature, or by vampires themselves, that the strength of the cross rests not in its substance, but in the power it emanates, in its symbolism, magnified by the will and by the faith of the wielder. In History of the Spectres (1586), Pierre Le Loyer recounted a story involving Theodore and a small holding in Abruzzi, Italy. Nodier's 1821 novel, Smarra, ou les Demons de la Nuit (Smarra, or the Demons of the Night), demonstrated his skill in examining dreams. K'uei A broad Chinese term denoting the undead, believed to have been persons who had not lived with sufficient goodness to earn an entry into the bliss of the afterworld. They garroted and strangled their victims as 140 Karnstein, Carmilla ritual sacrifices, breaking their bones for easier burial. Every town or community had a kresnik, just as it had its own kudlak. Their heads were cut off and burned with their bodies by the local Gypsies. He begins to notice that the town is dying as if a plague has descended, and he notes that two strangers have taken possession of the house that haunts him. Educated at Cambridge, he emigrated to Canada, where he worked on a farm and later operated a hotel and prospected for gold in Alaska. X, Madeline. Hecate, whose position in witchcraft and magic has remained constant over the centuries, was an influential figure in linking vampires with sorcery and evil magical rites. In describing vampiric 272 Vlad Tepes vision in Dracula, Professor Van Heising states: "He can see in the dark—no small power this, in a world which is one-half shut from the light." (See "Vampire Societies and Organizations" in the appendixes.) Quarrels soon erupted between Byron and Polidori, however, with Polidori alternating between states of hero worship and resentment at the cruel treatment given him by Byron. New York: H.C. Publishers, 1971. The inhabitants believed in the vampire species the vrykolakas, their views preserved by the native writer Leo Allatius. Kasha Evil Japanese ghouls that are feared for their voracious appetites for corpses. Each night the loogaroo goes to the so-called Devil Tree or Jumbie Tree (the silk-cotton tree) and removes its skin, which is folded up neatly and hidden. A young boy will be transformed into a rakshasa if he can be induced to eat h u m a n brains. Most of the vampires on the isle had been destroyed through the centuries or prevented by the placing of little crosses of wax over the mouths of the recently dead, on the assumption that Satan and his minions could not enter the corpse.


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