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Some voters may skip a race between unknown candidates. Place 4: Lawrence Doss (R), 8th Court of Appeals: El Paso } The Texas Supreme Court, which has heard cases in recent years on same-sex marriage benefits and state versus local power, is Texas’ last stop for civil matters. .percentage_number { top: -5px; max-width: 75px; But Texas’ two high courts are populated entirely by Republicans, meaning no Democrat has an incumbency advantage, though some who have served for years in a particular part of the state may see a boost from voters there. Place 2:  Dana Womack (R) Alarmingly, advocates against free speech and public participation in elections often attempt to place the “ethics” label on legislation limiting the free speech rights of citizens. Please send any corrections to info@tcjl.com. } defer(); Incumbent Jane Bland and Kathy Cheng are running in the general election for Texas Supreme Court Place 6 on November 3, 2020. text-align: left !important; “In my experience, if voters don’t know much of anything about these candidates, we’re likely to see a lot of women voters voting for women candidates. Place 4: Jaime Tijerina (R) Unfortunately, this public vote is not automatic, meaning local officials (with the exception of school boards) can raise taxes as much as they please without obtaining any voter approval. • Texas District Courts Place 5: Terry Adams (R), 2nd Court of Appeals: Fort Worth A primary was scheduled for March 3, 2020, and a primary runoff was scheduled for July 14, 2020. Texas Supreme Court, Place 7 Staci Williams. While voters have approved much of this debt through local propositions in May and November elections, greater ballot transparency is needed. However, Keasler's seat is ultimately not up for election in 2020. Correction: An earlier version of this story misstated the Texas Supreme Court seat for which Gisela Triana and Peter Kelly are vying. Statewide. TEXPAC's Endorsed & Supported Candidates Print out a list of ... TEXAS SUPREME COURT Place 1 Chief Justice Nathan Hecht (R) Place 6 Justice Jane Bland (R) Place 7 Justice Jeff Boyd (R) Place 8 Justice Brett Busby (R) TEXAS COURT OF APPEALS 1st Court of Appeals: Houston Place 3: Russell Lloyd (R) Place 5: Terry Adams (R) 2nd Court … 2020 Election Endorsements President of the United States Incumbent Jimmy Blacklock advanced from the Republican primary for Texas Supreme Court Place 2 on March 6, 2018. 2020 Judicial Candidate Profiles and Comparisons. Courtesy photos Running for election for the first time since he was appointed to the Texas Supreme Court … The U.S. Supreme Court building. The Texas Supreme Court, which has heard cases in recent years on same-sex marriage benefits and state versus local power, is Texas’ last stop for civil matters. Mary Gonzalez, Texas House, District 77 Rep. Lina Ortega, Texas House, District 80 ​Rep. • Texas Justice of the Peace Courts, Courts in Texas • Texas judicial elections • Judicial selection in Texas, Communications: Kristen Vonasek • Kayla Harris • Megan Brown • Mary Dunne • Sarah Groat • Heidi Jung } line-height: 1.5em; Financial supporters play no role in the Tribune's journalism. “Demographic cues that come through in our names are important.”. ■ Jeffrey S. Boyd■ Brett Busby■ Nathan Hecht■ Jane Bland, Texas Court of Criminal Appeals Good reforms in this area include ending the revolving door in which elected officials leave office and immediately go to work as hired gun lobbyists. Most candidates have been crisscrossing the state, appearing at local Democratic events, seeking endorsements from legal groups and relying on inexpensive social media advertising. Garnet Coleman, Texas House, District 148 ​Penny ShawTexas House, District 149Rep. Texas is one of two states with two courts of last resort. The terms of four Texas Supreme Court justices will expire on December 31, 2020. .courts-header { font-size:150%;background-color:#334aab;color:white;} .votebox-scroll-container { In the world of public policy, “ethics” is often a misnomer. He is ready to deliver, but he cannot do it alone. Place 3:   David Evans (R) width: 350px; }); In a free-market system, customers are often loathe to spend money at businesses that reinvest their profits towards political aspirations they find abhorrent. } padding-left: 16px; margin-right: 12px; Gisela Triana defeated Peter M. Kelly in the Democratic primary for Texas Supreme Court Place 8 on March 3, 2020. If the legislature is not in session, the appointee does not require state Senate confirmation.[3][4]. Yvonne Davis, Texas House, District 112 Brandy Chambers, Texas House, District 113 ​Rep. } We can help. John Bucy, Texas House, District 138 Akilah BacyTexas House, District 139 Rep. Jarvis Johnson, Texas House, District 140Rep. By abolishing the practice of government-collected union dues, union members would still be able to contribute to associations of their choosing – the cost burden would simply fall on the unions themselves. 2020 Endorsements. Incumbent John Devine defeated R.K. Sandill in the general election for Texas Supreme Court Place 4 on November 6, 2018. font-weight: bold; Terry Meza, Texas House, District 106 Jennifer Skidonenko, Texas House, District 107 Rep. Victoria Neave, Texas House, District 108 ​Joanna Cattanach. position: absolute; This gives municipalities 140 days every two years to coordinate all stakeholders to push for change. height: 50px; But in every matchup, Republican incumbent justices won the largest vote share. } Chief Justice:  Brian Quinn (R) Share: Twitter Facebook Email. Traditionally, appropriators in the Texas Legislature utilize what’s commonly referred to as “incremental” budgeting. To serve on either court, a justice or judge must be: While no judge older than 74 may run for office, sitting judges who turn 75 are permitted to continue serving until their terms expire. text-align: center; width: 50%; .election_results_text { Rhetta Andrews Bowers, Texas House, District 114 ​Rep. Incumbent Nathan Hecht, Amy Clark Meachum, and Mark Ash are running in the general election for Texas Supreme Court Place 1 Chief Justice on November 3, 2020. Vikki Goodwin, Texas House, District 48 ​Rep. } Incumbent Brett Busby advanced from the Republican primary for Texas Supreme Court Place 8 on March 3, 2020. But “your default advantage is going to be to the woman,” said Keir Murray, a Democratic consultant in Houston who is working for Peter Kelly, an appellate judge running for Texas Supreme Court. Taxpayers should not be forced to pay for the collection of funds that are essentially used to lobby against polarized, anti-free market ideals. } Third-party candidates were not required to respond. What is most egregious about the practice of tax-funded lobbying is the policy goals these lobbyists seek. Men and women of goodwill can—and often will—disagree on the solutions to the issues facing Texas; that debate is healthy and necessary in a constitutional republic. Incumbents are bolded and underlined. The Texas Legislature recently made a move to lower the burden on Texas businesses; however, to truly lift the burden off of businesses and taxpayers, further action must be taken to phase out or repeal the franchise tax immediately. Had such a limit been implemented in 2004, Texas taxpayers would have saved an estimated $22 billion. } max-width: 600px; 1. } Newspaper endorsements can also ... elected female chief justice of Texas Supreme Court. .image-candidate-thumbnail-wrapper .image-candidate-thumbnail { Michelle Slaughter defeated Mark Ash in the general election for Texas Court of Criminal Appeals Place 8 on November 6, 2018. } Rather than capping only a portion of the budget, all state spending (including those related to drawing down federal funds) should be subject to the cap, and a super-majority vote of both legislative chambers should be required to exceed it. After we’ve interviewed the candidate and any interested opponent, we then solicit feedback on the candidates, their campaign, and their opponents from our subscribers, donors, and allies in their district. padding-bottom: 5px; margin: 0; As the court of last resort, the supreme court hears appeals of decisions in civil cases from lower courts. Similarly, Texans need to know when and how their elected officials are making money off of government contracts and government bonds. background-color: #db0000; Judicial candidates have to keep their campaigns relatively dry; many Democrats are promising to restore balance to the all-Republican high courts, for example. Because the appraised value of homes in the district increase to the point that they offset any reduction in the tax rate. Ramona Franklin advanced from the Democratic primary for Texas Court of Criminal Appeals Place 7 on March 6, 2018. position: relative; Two women, McAllen attorney Brandy Voss and Dallas district court judge Staci Williams, are competing for one other Supreme Court seat, and three candidates are running for another Court of Criminal Appeals slot: Houston attorney William Pieratt Demond, former Dallas Judge Elizabeth Davis Frizell and attorney Dan Wood.


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