texans soccer club embezzlement
1 of 7 Texans SC Houston became the first Houston team to win the U.S. Soccer Development Academy U-17/18 national championship, July 16 in Carson, California. Now the future of the 24 soccer fields at Meyer Park is up in the air. Board members say the cost of maintaining the park is on their shoulders already, and they break even each year. by guestapo » Fri Jun 02, 2017 10:59 am, Post As stoppage time ticked on the Texans faced the end of their season, but in the 93rd minute Bryant Huerta lofted a serve back into the attack zone where Bruce redirected for the tying tally. Texans soccer club is run by crooks. That same year the club’s lease with Harris County came up for renewal. That’s according to Klein Soccer Club board members who say an embezzlement case has cash-strapped the club. No Houston squad had ever won a national title prior to the U.S. Soccer Development Academy U-17/18 championship match July 16 at Glenn "Mooch" Myernick Field in Carson, California. This time, instead of a $250 renewal fee, the county is asking for 10 percent of the club’s gross revenue and also asking that they help out with utility fees at the park. Grier resigned from club’s board last week amid the drama. All the hard work we put in paid off. They are being investigated for embezzlement. Board members say he siphoned that money away over a period of about three years. A Texans defense that allowed only three goals in 330 minutes beginning with the national quarterfinals stood its ground during the final stretch to clinch an unprecedented championship. by SoccerDad4Pak » Mon May 29, 2017 8:07 pm, Post HOUSTON (FOX 26) - Fall soccer might not happen this year for about 1,300 kids in Spring. There are no profits to seek 10 percent of.”. "That was a great strike by Omar to win the game.". They scored on a free kick and later went up 2-1. “What we’re trying to do with all of our fields out there is move to a new contract format, which we’ve already done with some of our sports associations,” said Dennis Johnston, parks director for Harris County Precinct 4. “Parents should know that we are going to have an organization over there, no matter what it is—whether it’s Klein Soccer Association or Klein Soccer Association and a hybrid of a couple other good sports associations working together.”. I cannot name the last player bumped off the DA program because the coach decided there were better players available? It is a natural process as it stands, no coach is interested in telling the paying parent that their kid is off the DA for lack of performance...ever hear any stories about that scenario...no is the answer and very few have because it is very uncommon. The club sent an email to important families "donors" to let them know. Regals SCA (NPSL): 2013. Johnston says he’ll meet with the commissioner about the issue next Thursday, then try to come to an agreement with Klein Soccer Club. “The families pay in automatically into a database through a third party provider,” said Tom Kerr, attorney for Klein Soccer Club.


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