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Although, it mostly sold not chocolate but M&Mrobilia. Evy pulled back and glared at her brother. Unless you’re writing irrelevant comments on pharmaceuticals, that is. The Mummy (1999) 01:21:01 Take that, Bembridge scholars. Rickipedia: The Mummy Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community. This is clearly an object that would “die” if it was kept in the traditional museum way: behind glass, never touched or used. mythtaken's gif blog / multifannish / updated sporadically #32: "Take That, Bembridge Scholars" by seren_ccd Synopsis: Mummy fanfic in which Evie takes the Bembridge Scholars to task over their various shortcomings. The school itself was disbanded in 1997 A.D. Both museum and game designers have to recognise the power of narrative to pique people’s interest. There’s not much difference between telling a story about running around a deserted palace collecting objects, and telling a story through collected objects in a repurposed palace. It should come as a surprise to noone that The Mummy and the films that follow it aren’t an entirely accurate portrayal of archaeology. Change ). It was three whole floors of sweet shop. My thesis is all about how museums use ancient texts to interpret their material, so it is always interesting to see it in action. “Take That, Bembridge Scholars!” is available free online at An Archive Of Our Own. Whitehouse was killed after being struck by a cricket ball in a match on the School's main pitch on Foundation Day in 1955. Sep 12, 2019 - "Take THAT Bembridge Scholars!" An ancient statue can’t normally be displayed in the ruins it was found in: it would be damaged by pollution and the elements. I usually write stories and produce graphics. But this question runs deeper than that. Trust me, I’ve spoiled nothing. Even if it could, it would not have the same meaning since the religious and social life it was once a part of have long gone. Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window). There are several other museums I would have liked to visit, but it was probably more important that I made it to my friends’ wedding and didn’t completely alienate my companions. 1 year ago. The exhibition was refreshingly honest about instances where the gallery has been deceived or mistaken, but it also managed to show the institution’s strengths at research. “Take that, Bembridge Scholars!” ⚱️A librarian, an Egyptologist, and all around woman-who-saves-the-world: Evelyn Carnahan O’Connel ig: catinawitchhat #464646 ask submit archive insta The same sense of continuity that I enjoyed overall meant that the exhibition skimmed over some of the juicier bits of Macedonian history. There was a sense of the ancients describing themselves in their own words, although it would have been nice to acknowledge that many of the quotes were written long after or far away from their subject matter. The museological trappings were part of this pastiche. Uncertainty definitely couldn’t undermine the visual impact of the material, and it might have been a braver choice. The Macedonians lived under the same political system for some five hundred years. Close Examination– The National Gallery rose well to the challenge of explaining quite complex scientific and art-historical techniques. The School grounds, including three cricket pitches, a golf course, tennis courts, squash court, rifle range, headland, beach and several rugby pitches, passed into the ownership of Ryde School. However, this is not the place to learn about the complexities of archaeological interpretation or ancient iconography. Dramatic moments like the murder of Phillip II were played down. People seemed fascinated with the project and excited about how it would turn out. “Water turning into blood and that sand thing,” Jonathan added gesturing with his flask. The fun was in the daft, camp, over-the-top nature of the experience. Oct 4, 2020 - Fun stuff that makes me smile! “We almost got torn apart,” Rick explained, “and Egypt was actually attacked locusts and flies and boils and sores and, and--" “Water turning into blood and that sand thing,” Jonathan added gesturing… This summer it was under masses of scaffolding. The Bembridge Scholars aren’t real, but sometimes I think they may as well be. It was a nice stimulus to imagine the complete pyre and the blaze of it set alight, without interrupting the calm of the gallery. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Last week I had the strangest experience. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. This included such curiosities as ancient tomes that had been sawn in half by Ruskin to make them fit his library shelves at Brantwood, in the Lake District, where he lived as a neighbour of the great lakeland poet Wordsworth. The school itself was disbanded in 1997 A.D. I shudder to think what archaeologists would think if they discovered its ruin in thousands of years. Museums may be better for all sorts of reasons, but the fact that museums claim superiority makes them ripe for mocking by even the oddest of institutions. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Posted in Tough questions | Tagged archaeology, death, interpretation, life, museum | Leave a Comment ». I would definitely use it if I were planning an exhibition to see how it would look and feel. Context is central to archaeology, but it’s often the first thing lost when objects go into a museum. The sense of continuity and change this gave meant that the exhibition had a strong story that gave depth to the usual focus on Alexander in discussions of Macedon. For all my praise of innovative approaches to interpretation, it’s good to be reminded how much I can get out of a traditional display. Create a free website or blog at WordPress.com. In one memorable instance, a label pointed out a hedgehog hovering over the back of a horse in a Mycenean painting. It is warm and fuzzy, is what. Many can never go back to what they once were. Sort by. “Jonathan, despite all evidence to the contrary, you were not raised by wolves, kindly knock next time.”, Then she looked up at Rick and said, “And no. I don’t know whether this is a one-off or not.


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