returning to wow 2019
I will definitely do that, trying different classes. r/wow: World of Warcraft on Reddit! You have to love your class and role to enjoy the game and not burn out. The game’s seventh expansion officially kicks off at 3 pm (PT) for North American players, ensuring many a geek will be skipping dinner tonight—or ordering in—as they devour as much content as they can get before bedtime. Try checking out Azeroth Auto Pilot, which points you where to go, handles all your NPC discussions and quest turn-ins, and automatically sells your junk gear (among other features). Is casual raiding possible with that sort of time? So I decided to return to WoW since I have last played in Legion as a holy priest. My main focus will be mythic+ and maybe some casual raiding on the side. We are not top notch for m+, druids, monks or pally are better choices for that atm. We’re also big fans of Simple Armory, which gives you a similar look at your overall progression acrosss the entire game, as well as a gorgeous, detailed graphical listing of all the achievements you’ve unlocked and all the mounts, companions, pets, and toys you’ve collected. I'm sorry if making a thread on this isn't appropriate, it is my first time visiting the r/wow subreddit :). New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, Press J to jump to the feed. While you can also go the “Starter Edition” route for a free, limited romp through Azeroth, you might need a little more than the newbie zones to help you decide whether you want to play through the game’s latest expansion. What’s the best way to experience that stuff if it’s gone, watching the cinematics on youtube? But it could be a good opportunity to work on that! Some weeks are harder than others but thats normal. Anyways the dps and me left because we were waiting longer for the leader to pick a 5th guy for a +10 key. If u are a casual that are happy just running low to medium keys u’ll be fine (but might find it a bit hard to join pugs maybe? not sure, havent done any pugging). I took a break closer to the start of this expansion after I hit max level and did the first raid. You have to work harder because the community thinks druids is the only good healer for m+. He has geeked out writing for The New York Times, Wirecutter, PC Magazine, Reviewed, Computer Shopper, and PCWorld. It's definitely a different game than the one you you left behind years ago, I'd say find a decently populated realm, maybe try some different classes on a trial account so you can get a feel for them. World Quests List gives you a much better way to see what’s happening in your zone (and sort for the rewards you’re prioritizing). If you’re a returning player, consider paying for a month’s worth of playing time—a mere $15—and using the game’s newer Class Trials to see if you still have that spark for higher-level play. Resto is fine till a key lvl of 18-20(more likely higher). I used to play WoW around 8 years ago but I stopped playing. Dont listen to them. Agree with Rezz here. That’s where you’re wrong kiddo! To get this you have to time +12, before of that +11 and so on. Its Character Planner is also incredibly useful for getting a sense of what you could (or should) do next, based on your recent activity, the gear you’re wearing (and would like to upgrade), achivements you’re close to unlocking, et cetera. We literally had 30 guys in queue and all he was: No we need a rogue to skip packs and no ranged because we need rogue/dh for best DPS. Powered by Discourse, best viewed with JavaScript enabled, World of Warcraft Arena World Championship. How are we doing in resto specialization? Shamans have always fascinated me and I’d like to try one out this time. Find a community themed for newbies, or whatever else you want, and you’ll have a great resource to go to with questions. The /r/wownoob subreddit is a good place to find friends to quest with, as is the main World of Warcraft subreddit (and don’t forget its helpful “Murloc Monday” thread for newbie Q&A). What’s the latest currency you have to know about? Just when you think it cant get any better, Shamans with more engaging content. I couldnt be any happier with my class, No doubt maining Shaman will be an infinite source of joy and happiness. Thanks again :), Thanks for your reply! Everything you need to know about and expect during, the most important election of our lifetimes. Returning to WoW, is resto shaman a good choice. I’ve been holding off on resubscribing until the expansion hit, but I’ve been seeing all the stuff about Darnassus and Sylvanas, and really would like to see that stuff. Thanks for your reply! Wowhead has a great Attunement Tool that shows you how close you are to unlocking significant milestones in the game, like unlocking new allied races, earning reputations with key factions (which will ultimately help you unlock faster mount speed and other goodies in the game’s expansion), and how far along you are in your dungeons and raids. If you’re jumping back in for Battle for Azeroth, we recommend checking out the big “what to do first” guide from Wowhead. Over the years there have been so many nice tweaks, time after time the devs manage to amaze me with their creativity. Yesterday I had the honors to play a +10 KR with a pro-MDI minded player. If you’d rather read than watch, there are also plenty of resources you can use to acclimate yourself to World of Warcraft, figure out what to do next, and ask questions when you’re feeling stuck. New replies are no longer allowed. You might even make a few friends (or fellow adventurers). It can feel daunting to jump into a huge world of which you know very little, and World of Warcraft is gigantic. A number of World of Warcraft fans have also made their own helpful guides that you can follow when starting out in the game’s latest expansion—a perfect reason to run a dual-monitor setup, right? It’s a big day today for World of Warcraft, the massive multiplayer online game from Blizzard Entertainment. The site makes it incredibly easy to see what you still have to get, if you’re a completionist. I hope to level between ffxiv dailies as something to fill in the time :) are there any add-ons that are an absolute must? But because of that perception it will be hard to find groups. This topic was automatically closed 30 days after the last reply. There are other annoying limitations placed on this free experience, but it’s still a great way to familiarize yourself with the world, see if you enjoy the experience as much as you were hoping, and get a feel for the different classes before you settle on a main one to play as for the next 100 levels’ worth of gaming. To go a littlebit faster if you are talented: Play your own key. Download the game right now, create an account (a new one; not your old one, if you were a previous player), and you’ll be able to level your character all the way to 20 for free. Am I screwed once the expansion hits? Pawn helps you tell whether the gear you’re getting is actually an upgrade or not. Let’s start with the basics. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Cookies help us deliver our Services. You’re pretty much going to want to go Elemental if you’re intent on doing anything at a high end level. They’ve been fighting each other since the days of MS-DOS, locked a never-ending war—save for those rare moments where they attempt to team up to counter a greater threat—that has taken them across continents, into space, and through time. There are also a number of different online tools you can use to make yourself a better World of Warcraft player—and to help you decide what to focus on. We’ve spent a lot of space giving advice for those with less experience in the nuances of World of Warcraft. No matter your experience level—whether you’re about to experience the thrill of hearing the Stormwind City theme as you walk through its epic gates for the first time, or whether you can spell Ahn’Qiraj off the top of your head—here are some tips and suggestions for making the most of your new life in the World of Warcraft (or your epic, Illidan-like return to Azeroth.). You’re also going to want to brush up on specific advice for your class—both Icy Veins and Wowhead have incredibly detailed guides for all of the game’s combinations of classes and specializations. And, of course, there are plenty of in-game addons you can use to make your adventures in Azeroth even more efficient. As a returning player who used to write for the freakin’ World of Warcraft magazine (RIP), even I find it hard to figure out exactly where to get started adventuring if I haven’t played the game for a while. For example, why does your favorite weapon no longer work the way it used to? If you’re looking to fill out your collection of mounts, the site will even create a handy, optimized guide of how you should spend your day (or week) adventuring to acquire them all. And you probably even skip the bits about ”how to purchase” or “how to install” the game, saving you even more time for new World of Warcraft adventures: You can also kick up your feet and watch your way through World of Warcraft’s story via Blizzard’s incredible cinematics—one of the company’s cornerstones. If you’re a player who generally knows how to get around the game—or did at one point—you’re probably still going to feel a little stuck if it’s been a decent amount of time since you last played. You will get a slew of comments saying ‘no’. Most people who act like that are just plain stupid and ignorant at best. World of Warcraft also has player communities built directly into the game. Its way different and easier to figure out now. Blizzard also has a great New Player’s Guide, split into four major sections, as well as its “A Return to World of Warcraft” compendium. Atm my score is ~1800 and i dont have any problems to join Keys about +15-16. Even though you will invariably do a bit of soloing during your time in World of Warcraft, the game is a lot more fun when you have other people to interact with. Whether you’re starting out, or getting back into the swing of things, having helpful mentors feeding you suggestions (or gear, or gold) doesn’t hurt.


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