rawalpindi massacre 1947
150 Hindus and Sikhs out of total population of 160 killed. 253 Hafizabad do 19/20-8-47 Muslim mob, Military and Police 12 killed. We will never give up Sikhi and will never become Muslims”. 199 Dara Sikhan (Teh. Imran Khan vowed to work together with all political parties for the improvement of the system. 400 women abducted. So, Gul Bahadur was on a foreign payroll and playing a dubious role to malign Pakistan and its armed forces. Did India Shoot Down a Pakistani Jet? The Muslims thugs got angry hearing such answer from Sardarni Lajavanti Kaur. They were forced to live in India and did not change their religion to secure their property, money or lives. Rest turned out destitute. 49 (Teh. About 80 killed in all. 408 Tung Bhai Ke Gujranwala 28-8-47 Muslim Police and mob Force of 4,000 attacked this village. 122 123 1. 254 Chajjuke (P. S. Wadhon) do 17-8-47 Muslim mob 5 or 6 thousands strong. Muslims gave false assurances of safety to Hindus. “If the tribesmen fail to do that, we’ll take action against them under the collective responsibility clause of the Frontier crimes Regulation (FCR).”. 296 Lyallpur 5-9-47 Muslim mob Sikhs attacked with assailants beating drums. Repeated attacks. 40 women abducted. It was also decided that in case of repeated violation by Geo TV, proceedings for the revocation of the license shall be initiated. 246 Mangat Niwen (P. S. Hafizabad) do 16-8-47 Muslim mob Some Hindus and Sikhs killed and the rest saved their lives by leaving village. 550 Gota (Teh: Narowal) do 26-8-47 Muslim mob and Military Muslims of 12 neighbouring villages attacked Hindus and Sikhs of this village. The paradigm shift is apparently attributed to Army Chief General Raheel Sharif who, according to sources, has a clear stance on the war on terror unlike his predecessor. do 9-9-47 Muslims officials, mob, Police and Military People of 8 or 9 Sikh villages forced to leave houses under threat of shooting. The whole scene was a scene from hell. His mansion was huge with large boundary wall. Then Hindus of villages Chajju Chak, Thochipura and Bhojewala also looted. The fact is, Imran said, the PTI unlike the N league, has not pumped Rs 60 million of taxpayer money in self-aggrandizing media campaigns. Out of a total Hindu Sikh population of 80 only 9 survived. A large part of the town burnt down and property worth crores looted. 369, 371 Sola Wasti Sikhan (Teh. 3 Gurdwaras burnt and Sikh Scriptures desecrated.16 Sikhs including women and children burnt alive. His ancestral home was very big. One Gurdwara and one School building burnt. They were uttering obscenities against Master Tara Singh and other Sikh leaders. Bhakkar) Also Bhakk. This way the fight went on for 2 more days. The village is located in the South East of Rawalpindi city at the distance of about 30 miles. 465 Akalgarh Gujranwala 5-9-47 Muslim Military Attack. Shahdara) Sheikhupura 1-9-47 Muslim mob Hindus and Sikhs attacked while crossing River Ravi. About 40 abducted. His ancestral home was very big. 520 Karbath do 22-8-47 do Some Sikhs forcibly converted. Khana Chak 32 Chak 33 Malian- Shekhan Khanpur-Kalla Hariala Kot Pindi Das Sheikhupura Beginning of Sept. 1947 Muslim mob, Police and Military Sikhs and Hindus of these villages forced to evacuate in a destitute state. Armed attack made by Muslim military. 156 Hamirpur Sandhuan v do do 5 men (Hindus) killed and several women abducted. 576 1. The Sikhs were in great danger, so they all started doing paath day and night. He said that it would be easy to defend if all the Sikhs stayed at one spot. Many killed after being searched out of Hindu houses. 3 Sikhs murdered at Hafizabad Rly. The following is a narration of selected incidents that occurred in Rawalpindi area of Pakistan, in March 1947. On 18-8-47 a false alarm of attack by Sikhs was raised to incite Muslims to fall upon Sikhs. Only about a dozen survived. In next day�s attack many more casualties among Hindus and Sikhs. 302 Sadhka (P.O. Rest killed or forcibly converted. 60 or 70 killed in first attack. Women abducted. In the span of some hours, I witnessed the deaths of almost 25 women. 157 Khan Khasa (Teh. Nearly one hundred Sikhs killed round-about Orara. Forces also raided a place in Pir Alezai, between Qila Abdullah and Pishin, and recovered 70 sacks full of explosives, 45 bombs, 200 detonators, remote controls and other devices. False alarm of Sikh attack raised. My granddaughters, grandsons, nieces, and other related women were there amongst them”. Some Sikhs killed at Loharian. Nankana Sahib) 2. They did ardaas and moved out, leaving all belongings behind. 393 Chuhar Kana and Lahore Rly. Mobs advanced to attack with drums beating. 103 Narang do 11-3-47 to 13-3-47 do Important Sikh village. 297 J. On one side of the haveli, they attacked with great vigour. In about half an hour, the well was full of bodies. Shahdara) do 27-8-47 Muslim mob Attacked by beat of drums. Shahdara) Sheikhupura 27-8-47 Muslim mob and military Force of 2,000 attacks. 516 Dingshah (P. S. Khudian) do 22-8-47 do All Sikhs forced to leave destitute. 57 Sikhs killed. “I felt the pulse of the crowd in Bahawalpur, we are starting from where we left out in 2013.”. 4 stray killing of Hindus and Sikhs, Gurdwara burnt. UNDER EDITING USERS ARE REQUESTED TO CONITINUE EDITING AND MAKE A COMPLETE TABLE, https://www.sikhiwiki.org/index.php?title=Massacre_1947&oldid=79590. Later rescued and brought to India. They addressed the bibiyaan, “Now we are going to take away your daughters and sister and will marry them after converting them to Islam.” At that time Sardarni Laajavantee Kaur could not resist Bir Rass anymore and said, “Scoundrels! Shahdara) do 22-8-47 do Muslims of 10 villages attacked this Sikh-Hindu village, about 50 Hindus and Sikhs killed. It is notable that the successive governments of Pakistan had upheld the peace treaty of 2006 with Gul Bahadur, and security forces stood by their promise despite suffering heavy casualties and assaults on their installations. 578, 590 1. Bhabra 10. Later a Muslim mob about 400 collected and attacked Hindus and Sikhs. 421 Kamalia do Round � about Aug. 15-47 Muslim officials Forcibly converted large number of Hindus and got 3,500 Sikhs and Hindus killed. All forced to quit in a destitute state. General assault on Hindus and Sikhs and looting for two days. A security official while speaking on condition of anonymity said there was a visible shift in Afghanistan’s approach since the new government took over in September this year. 317 Mari Bhumian (P. S. Sharakpur) Sheikhupura 24-9-47 Muslim mob Several families given shelter and also assurances of safety by Muslims. Later attacked and killed. Military arrested all menfolked, women abducted and houses looted. MASSACRE OF THEHA KHALSA AREA OF RAWALPINDI – MARCH 1947 This small town of Theha Khalsa was one of the main towns of Pothohaar (Rawalpindi area). Railway track to Jammu removed; train again attacked, but saved by Sikh military escort. Constant sniping by Muslims from Pakistan side. 419 Jaranwala do 28-8-47 to 8-9-47 Muslim Police and Muslim officials Assurance of safety given to Hindus and Sikhs by the D. C. and Hindus and Sikhs collected in Mandir and various other places. 472 Ram Thamman do 24-8-47 Muslim mob and Military Several villages in this area attacked. 448 Jhok Khatrain Lahore 24-8-47 Muslim mob Muslims of 11 villages (Such as Bhungi Sial, Aliwali, Fatiana, Dhuliane etc.) Hussain, M.L.A. Huge looting including Central Bank and wheat in Mandi worth 4 lacs. 270, 1. 166 Ramnagar Gujranwala 17-8-47 do Murder of a Sikh. Ten security personnel have laid down their lives, while seven had been injured in the line of duty, he said. Hafizabad) do 15-9-47 Muslim Military Hindus and Sikhs forced to leave destitute. This is the land where the great Sikh, Bhai Sahib Thakur Nihaal Singh, reputed to be a brahmgiyaani gursikh, did great preaching of Gurmat. However, with the change of government in Kabul, Islamabad is hoping that Afghan authorities would eliminate TTP ‘safe havens.’. Do what you want to do. 437 Chak No. 2 Gurdwaras burnt. (Teh. Muslims persuaded that to kill Sikhs is a. 366 Mailsi Multan Beginning of Oct. 1947 Muslim Military In Mailsi Refugee camp 2,000 Hindus and Sikhs shot dead. Bura Dalla 8. 25 Hindus and Sikhs killed. Sikhs forcibly converted and shaved, forced to swallow beef. Again attacked while leaving village. houses looted. The Guru Granth Sahib was torn and desecrated. 30 men with rifles and a mob attacks Sikhs, who were mostly ex-militarymen and resisted. Some Sikh women, immolated themselves to escape dishonour at Muslim hands. In curfew Muslims went about freely. 115 Tainch do 7-3-47 do 22 Sikhs killed, including 10 women. 12 Gobindpura (Teh. A person came running to me and told me the whole incident. 337 Sultan (Teh. 307 Harde do End of Aug. 47 Muslim mob & Military Several Hindus and Sikhs killed. Rest went into Walianwala Refugee camp in a completely destitute state. Later 50 Hindus put under arrest. Sikhi parchaar was so heavy in this area that even Brahmin Hindus adopted Sikhi and became tyaar bar tyaar Singhs. He said that the people were just as charged as they were in May 2013. These were forcibly converted and asked to eat beef. Several Sikhs killed and several women abducted. For long Sikhs of this area suffered a siege. On 8-9-47 three separate Muslim groups attacked with a total force of 12,000 various Hindu-Sikh localities and refugee camps. 591 Palah do 24-8-47 Muslim mob Attack on Sikhs. 391 Chak Jhumra do do Muslim mob False assurances of safety given to Sikhs, attacked and forced to quit homes.


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