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https://theotherkingdom.fandom.com/wiki/Queen_Titania?oldid=3191, She is inspired by Titania, who is also queen of the fairies in the play. YsgardArboreaThe Beastlands She rules over the Summer Court of the Seelie Fey. Queen Titania has an advantage on saving throws against spells and other magical effects. [2], Titania's very smile could cause crops to ripen, and her frown could trigger wildfires. Titania was hard to classify personality-wise. The princess Wikia is a FANDOM Lifestyle Community. Titania, which name comes from "titan", is the traditional queen of fairies since she replaced Mab. Senaliesse Archfey [4][5], The Seelie Court was also the name of Titania's realm. Fairy Queen Titania is ranked 88,740th in the world and 158th in United Kingdom for Most Advanced Defense Forces, scoring 1,598.63 on the Total War Preparedness Rating. Senses darkvision 60 ft., passive Perception 18 [5], The realm was one of the most beautiful places in existence, and time flowed differently there. It could also purify food and drink. She seemed flighty and frivolous to some, but in truth she was a brilliant strategist both in court and on a battlefield. She wishes Astral would focus on training to become the next fairy queen, but knows she has to let Astral be free to spread her wings. Titania was amused by mortals and had been known to take some as lovers. She uses her magic to keep an eye on Astral from afar. (It was a mirror of the Queen of Air and Darkness's throne, except that that one was made of darkness and shadow.) [5][6], The Queen of Air and Darkness was rumored to be the dark sister of Titania. Under the pseudonym of Titene, she disguised herself as a mortal and seduced the king of the island; thus he refused to go on the continent to search for a wife, as it was traditionally done. The tree is 60 feet tall and has a 5-foot-diameter trunk, and its branches at the top spread out in a 20-foot radius. Feminine Mortal bards and playwrights often performed for her. Saving Throws Dex +9, Int +7, Wis +8, Cha +8Skills Nature +7, Perception +8Condition Immunities charmed [4], Titania was amused by mortals and had been known to take some as lovers. Every eternity or so, a pair of Archfey twins arise to rule over the two courts. Her skin was the color of honey and her hair shimmered in all of the colors of autumn leaves. In Episode 12, she appears in the mortal world before Astral and a thoroughly shocked and unconvinced Devon, whom she expresses her gratitude in helping save the fairies' world from annihilation. Prisoners can't do number twos without their "toilet buddy" present, it is popularly believed that "cheese every day keeps disaster away", there's a bustling black market for vegetables, and burnt-out forty-foot-tall wicker men dot the countryside. Magic Resistance. The Queendom of Fairy Queen Titania is a very large, socially progressive nation, notable for its compulsory military service, state-planned economy, and irreverence towards religion. Staff has 10 charges. Power Level [5], When the Seelie Court met, Titania's avatar was always present and almost always accompanied by at least one other member of the Inner Circle of the Court. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. 30–41, presents an alternative Queen of Faeries named Rhiannon, who shares many similarities with Titania but also some differences. Titania could summon woodland creatures or swarms of critters to her aid. The king wandered for years -until his death-on the mainland, looking vainly for "Titene" and the land of Pamparigouste as they both vanished. Gender She is always supportive of his decisions in protecting the other fairies and magical creatures of Athenia. [7], Titania's followers taught that she was a goddess of goodness and mercy. -Titania is usually the queen of "seelies" , or good fairies, in opposition of Mab, described as the queen of "unseelies" (or dark fairies). Her throne room was overflowing with flowers, water fountains, and fine silks, and faeries flitted all about. The large, socially-minded government prioritizes Defense, although Education, Law & Order, and Welfare are also considered important. It was a magical land funded by fairy Morgana, but Titania was Morgana's rival, and decided to destroy her creation. Overview Doubled in size and visual impact, designed to light up large spaces. The king was forcefully put into a boat, but Titania took advantage of his absence to wipe out the magic island. [5] At other times, they were also great enemies;[1][2] at still other times, they were both lover and foe at the same time. Queen Titania Alberto Meda Paolo Rizzatto Suspension. Everyone thought the poor guy was delusional, but liked to listen to his "stories" about the fairies's island. Spells: You can use an action to expend 1 or more of the staff's charges to cast one of the following spells from it, using our spell save DC: Tree form: You can use an action to plant one end of the staff in fertile earth and expend 1 charge to transform the staff into a healthy tree. [2], Titania was a patron to many warlocks in the Realms.[1]. A pair of interchangeable filters make it possible to color the aluminium body without interfering with the white light emission.


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