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The Cambridge experience: much knowledge, very learning. is part of the government's fight against fake news during the COVID crisis, An innovative approach for psychologists investigating cognitive parallels in attention, perception and metal time travel. Quiz: A viral Instagram account asks if people are siblings or dating, can you guess? We have a brilliant team of more than 60 Support Team members looking after discussions on The Student Room, helping to make it a fun, safe and useful place to hang out. The following 48 pages are in this category, out of 48 total. Download  Subject Requirements and Typical Offer by College for College-specific course requirements/preferences for 2021 entry. There’s a reason we’re the best and brightest. It is the process of reaching their answer that is generally of most significance, rather than the answer itself. A friendly amendment was passed to campaign for opt-in face-to-face teaching, with online learning as the default, You know it’s a tense time when you’ve got the porters on speed dial, A tale of love, loss and late-night Lidl trips, The mental health impacts of the campaign against in-person teaching have not been considered, and we were not given our say, 25 per cent of eligible students at the University are not signed up to asymptomatic testing, ‘Let’s be friends – best friends’ (Household Edition), Cambridge scientists collaborated with teams from South Korea to aid the global research effort on coronavirus, New turf is finally being laid after protestors dug into it in February, ‘Don’t think about what it is, think about what it could have been’, an early appeal made by a cast depleted from 11 to two, A week of Homerton attempting to stay relevant, Being sick of Zoom is better than being sick from long Covid, just saying, An email sent to students said ‘Downing is currently attracting similar levels of concern’ as Homerton, This is up from 12 confirmed asymptomatic cases last week, Students leaving Cambridge in March had a massive financial impact on businesses, Covid called, he wants his online matriculation form back, You’ve got 99 problems and finding ways to socialise definitely is one, Everything you will *actually* make this term, They gathered over 100 anonymous testimonies from students and staff at the University, The worsening mental health crisis we are now facing was totally avoidable, but they made the wrong decision, The Netflix show has received hundreds since it aired, Her husband was originally the prime suspect, He’s since deleted it, which makes it all the more wild, They’ve already created an Insta for the baby, There must be a booming market in reselling misplaced socks lost in the tumble dryer, Oh, and we can tell you their chosen professions too, I need answers to these cases or I won’t sleep at night, Cambridge SU changes its campaign to demand opt-in system for in-person learning, Your College Aunts Week Three: Life During COVID, Why I’m disappointed that my COVID test was negative, Opinion: The SU’s campaign against in-person teaching is ill-considered and unwise, Opinion: Asymptomatic testing at Cambridge should NOT be optional, Why household harmony is more vital than ever in Cambridge during COVID-19, Cambridge makes ‘mini-lungs’ to investigate effects of COVID-19, Trinity College replant lawn months after XR protestors dug it up, Opinion: We need to move all non-essential teaching online, and we need to do it now, Downing College in talks with Public Health representatives as COVID cases rise, We tried the new electric scooters in Cambridge and it was wild, 34 of the 3,675 Cambridge students tested last week have asymptomatic COVID-19, Cambridge city lost £25.8m whilst students were away during lockdown, A fresher’s survival guide to a socially distanced Freshers’ Week, Your College Aunts Week Two: More Freshers and Refreshers, A fresher’s guide to every single thing you’ll make in your gyp this year, End Everyday Racism launches its first report on racial abuse in Cambridge. In 2014, Dr Kogan established his own commercial enterprise, Global Science Research (GSR). Personal information we gather when you visit the University’s central website (. ) In Year 12 - How to start building my Psychology personal statement for Cambridge? It is important for applicants to realise that interviewers will not be trying to ‘catch them out’, but will be challenging them to think and show how they can apply their existing knowledge and skills laterally to less familiar problems.


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