pogonomyrmex badius queen
Therefore, if … Queen with large, veiny wings and beady black eyes. Biology. It is the only Pogonomyrmex species found on the east coast of the United States … Ant larvae are fed by the queen… The most striking pattern related to queen phenotypes in Pogonomyrmex is the large number of South American species that have only ergatoid queens (five species in three species-groups; Pogonomyrmex bispinosus [bispinosus-group], Pogonomyrmex mayri [mayri-group], and Pogonomyrmex cunicularius, Pogonomyrmex pencosensis, and Pogonomyrmex … MALE. Pogonomyrmex badius is a … Males differentiate in color from both the worker and the queen in that they have a black head and thorax. My recently attained Pogonomyrmex badius queen feasts on some sunflower seeds I gave her. Pogonomyrmex badius are only known to found colonies haplometrotically (by a solitary foundress), and mature colonies always have a single queen (personal observations of both authors). It is the norm for Pogonomyrmex occidentalis queens to go from a brood of 20-25 eggs (in a neat pile she constantly carries around) to 3-5 larvae with no eggs in a few days time. Pogonomyrmex badius, or the Florida harvester ant, is a species of harvester ant in the genus Pogonomyrmex.


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