my father's pizza menu
Menu. Romaine lettuce topped w/ asiago, croutons, & caesar dressing. Breast seasoned w/ italian spices. our mixture of butter and lemon pepper seasoning. Black & green olives, green peppers, tomatoes, fresh mushrooms, red onions, & mild banana peppers. PRIVACY POLICY Two Full Slabs of Pork Ribs, 20 pieces of Chicken, 1 pound of Rib Tips, 1 pound of Pulled pork, 1quart Beans, 1 quart of Slaw, 1quart of Macaroni Salad a Premium side of your choice and 12 slices of Texas Toast, 1 & 1/2 quarts of BBQ Sauce on or on the Side. This is how Dad does it. Ask your server for today’s selection. The restaurant started as a mostly carry out and delivery with just a couple of chairs for folks who wanted to dine in. I will go back and likely get just pizza. If you are having problems using this website, please call 800-456-8347 for assistance. served with our homemade sauce. Business grew quickly as word spread about the high-quality ingredients and friendly staff. Or you can come by yourself...of course! we believe that you should not have to sacrifice quality for convenience. your choice of dressing. : celery, blue cheese, ranch - $0.50, your choice of wings: regular, boneless; how would you like your wings? Served w/ garlic bread. Small10 in. 0.09 mi. deliciously different usda top round of beef, sliced thin, served with butter (barbeque sauce and horseradish optional). Our pesto (green) sauce is prepared w/ fresh basil, pine nuts, parmesan, fresh garlic, & olive oil. choice of bread: original bread, wheat bread. In July of 2010, Aaron Mathews and Micki Cowan bought My Father’s Pizza from Larry and Donna, effectively keeping the restaurant "in the family" as a tried and true Black Mountain tradition. Served garden style. Stuffed w/ ricotta & your choice of spinach or wild mushrooms. If you're particular...the option of ordering "all drummies" or "all flappers" fis available for a nominal upcharge. Served garden style. of course! Served garden style. : celery, blue cheese, ranch - $0.50, pick up to four of your favorite specialty pizzas or gourmet pizzas and have them baked in four sections on our famous 32 slice sheet pizza (eight slices of each type). DONATIONS The staff is friendly and attentive to your needs. Breaded 5 oz. fresh sliced turkey breast, usda top round of beef sliced thin. Swimming​ in red sauce & sprinkled w/ cheese.Served w/ garlic bread. Gluten free crust......add 1.50 for 7½ in. top sirloin steak sliced thin topped with melted cheese. Topped w/ marinara & grated mozzarella. This is how Dad does it. add - $0.20; chips: classic lays, bbq chips, nacho doritos, ruffles cheddar & sour cream, baked lays, and baked cheetos. I didn't finish my first slice. When you visit, make sure you check in on the social location service Foursquare! Aaron and Micki, with their over 36 years of combined service to My Father’s Pizza, will always strive to maintain the same high standards of quality for both service and food preparation that Larry and Donna Robinson put in place when they opened the doors to My Father’s back in 1990. double meat on salads - only $2 extra. ,  We have our favorites, but MFP also has weekly coupon specials to change things up. As above, but w/ several layers of fresh spinach added to the mix. a smaller version of the pasta salad with your choice of dressing. Fresh pizza dough stuffed to bursting w/ ricotta & mozzarella. Visiting WR and tried this pizza Friday night. cold subs come with mayo, lettuce, tomato, onion and italian dressing. a smaller version of the caesar with your choice of dressing. It was worse than an old lil Caesar’s pizza at only about 5 times the cost. 'Big' Larry Robinson and his son Larry, founder of My Father's Pizza, throwing a pizza crust in 1990. our special blend of olive oil, spices, garlic butter and mozzarella cheese. Four large sticks served w/ sauce (pizza sauce and/or honey mustard dressing). seasoned ground beef, simmered in spaghetti sauce with romano and mozzarella cheese. Our traditional stores offer dine-in, delivery, or carryout items* that can’t be beat. would you like to add celery or extra dip? The addition of patio seating added a desirable three season seating option. hot or mild. Med 12 in.. a three cheese blend made up of ricotta, mozzarella, & asiago, plus olive oil & fresh garlic. greeted right when I walked in and was being waited on shortly after sitting down. Delivery, carryout, dine-in and catering available. COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT MENU *Please note: Options for dine-in, pizza delivery and carryout vary by Godfather’s Pizza location. Download a menu to print here (.pdf). Create a website today. All of our sauces, dough, meatballs, hummus, and special house dressing are prized family recipes and we make them fresh daily in-house. My pizza was good as well. extra: celery, blue cheese, ranch - $0.50. Please click the menu item(s) you wish to view from the navigation area to the right. Ham, bacon, & pineapple. It is worth a try if you have never been.More, Food is great. Artichoke hearts in our own unique house dressing. Guess no other pizza places in the running for that award. All subs are served w/ chips & a pickle. Your comments, compliments, and suggestions are encouraged. I have yet to encounter wings this good (or even close to this good) anywhere else.


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