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I bought four tickets and the day before we were supposed to leave Megabus cancelled the bus. Bad customer service. I was traveling from Houston to Dallas and someone took my luggage instead of theirs. When I called, they told me that they couldn't offer me a refund - only a voucher. Lost luggage in January. Write a review Write a review Reviews 4,726 Write a review. AAANNDD they said well if you want to escalate the situation you can email them. Lost my grandsons bag worth $500.00, no help at all. He said the driver took off early at around 12:40pm despite his warning to the driver that she shouldn’t leave before 12:50pm the departure time. How was I supposed to use a return only trip? My feelings were sooo hurt and I was so angry. This is not a time for you to be gouging consumers and securing your own pockets while the rest of us suffer. Megabus, Really you having worst service and customer care support. The vouchers I received expire in March of 2021. For more information about reviews on please visit our On February 19, 2020 I was told by a Supervisor by the name of Jay. After 6 days they finally responded and offered me a voucher for the outgoing trip (that THEY canceled). No refund . They wouldn't take my phone calls and made me email an inquiry inbox. The ride to Atlanta was 10 hours. And said to him that our bus just left and what’s going on. WRONG! Once the guy told me that I booked a train journey I checked my booking confirmation again and there I could see 2 very tiny, not very visible words "train journey". I will never use your service again and I will tell everyone I know to not use you. Megabus is there for themselves during this pandemic, not their customers. Anyhow, I called the customer service at 12:47pm and the CS even talked with the porter that confirmed about the bus leaving early. SHAME on you. shame on you @megabus. YES he had his name on the inside of the bag also. Find someone who cares more about people than profits. They forced me to purchase a new ticket. meg It just left without us. So disappointed in Megabus. Awful company. Used to take mega bus all the time but never again. I honestly hope this person got sacked for this. Coming back to nyc later That day from philly the tickets said The depart Time would be 4:55 however the bus got … Apparently, one person mistakenly (or even deliberately) took my suitcase instead of his. Poor service ever seen in bus industry and Customer care. Visit this website meg © 2020 Trustpilot, Inc. All rights reserved. Sat in New Orleans for 5 hours and got on my next bus to Atlanta. I tried to cancelled my bus trip BEFORE this entire pandemic broke out and they took WEEKs to get back to me even after they cancelled the trip. Before FlixBus, I've used Megabus to go from London to Rotterdam. I also understand that they are not responsible for the pandemic but neither am I. I’m sure they will apply for & receiving OUR money from the Federal government & equally sure they will be using it to enrich their bottom line .... they care nothing for their customers. Wew waited another 30mins after it was due and never arrived. Thank you, you have successfully subscribed to our newsletter! You want me to reschedule in 14 days without knowing if we'll be on quarantine for months? He then responded that we didn’t purchased the tickets and I was honestly shocked with this. You will only notice that once you know it. OF course they found nothing, why would they look at the empty bus to make sure there is nothing left??? We lined up by Javis around 11:00 am and almost were immediately boarded the bus, then after everyone had boarded we left before schedule. I look down at my ankles and they’re the size of melons from sitting so long. Im waiting for Indy-Chicago 7.15 PM in the bus stop since 7PM, now time 8.16 no … I have never had a problem with megabus until now!! I’ve asked for my phone back and he had the cheek to say “one minute please”.Then he handed it back and said sorry we can’t seem to locate your ticket and I said to him it’s right front of you!! Despite of this, the CS agent was not helpful and just said that they would escalate the matter if the bus left the station early indeed and they made me call again after 10mins (after talking to them for almost 20mins). Called up customer service only to be hung up on after waiting in the queue for about 20 minutes each time. Our content is intended to be used for general information purposes only. I called megabus to ask them if they can exchange my ticket for the following day so I can get a room and get some rest due to my blood pressure being high and my ankles swollen. On two different occasions I have purchased a bus ticket for Megabus. © 2020 Trustpilot, Inc. All rights reserved. Also when I was in Belgium I went to Luxembourg. The new ticket then jumped to 79.99. The bus driver looked at our bookings and told us it’s all fine and we sat down. You guys contacted me and canceled my trip. We were traveling from Tampa FL to Fort lauderdale FL due to our child being in ICU which is already a difficult time for us. I arrived in Atlanta at 9 PM. ConsumerAffairs is not a government agency. There is Zero Accountability, zero help with megabus when things don't go to plan. I had no choice but to reschedule before they canceled the trip and my money was wasted. They dont care about the people riding. My trip to Atlanta got cancelled because of civid19 so obviously want a refund or some kind of a credit. My first email was never answered (they ask for one to wait 5 days, I waited 7). Asking someone to make a decision on travel in a few weeks and then having to travel by 9/8 to use their tickets is outrageous. Unsubscribe at any time. Customer service is horrible! We did not cancel, YOU DID! I spent all day trying to make a reservation online, credit card-3 different ones, telling me something was wrong. I was treated rudely and when I explained my situation the representative responded with, "you can use your credit for a different bus stop." However, Megabus canceled half their bus stops. again without resolution and even dropped the call on me when I was still voicing my concerns. My bus was scheduled to arrive at 9am and I was there from 8:20am waiting. To top it off we missed the bus 2 times because of accidents and were made to pay for 2 new tickets. This company is not yet accredited. Was in the middle of booking a ticket and the site crashed when going through payment, I didn’t receive a confirmation email at all that evening so I assumed payment hadn’t gone through. Im waiting for Indy-Chicago 7.15 PM in the bus stop since 7PM, now time 8.16 no bus and no proper response from customer care. I commend her for such an extraordinary job well done! I am so angry with Megabus for not offering refunds under the current Covid19 circumstances. We spoke with two different supervisors explained the situation, they refused to change our ticket or refund any money, both supervisors hung up on us and were extremely rude. I had a 12:50pm trip from LA to Las Vegas and I arrived at the Megabus waiting area at 12:46pm as I had to go to the restroom. Marcel is the last supervisor I spoke to, who has no customer service skills and hung up on me agent #**. Less than an hour later I got an email saying the schedule had changed and that bus was cancelled. Not willing to help. The web sight said I could get a refund or reschedule but I wasn't given that option. What a crock - very cheap operation and managed by people that just don't get customer service. My friend that missed the bus as well called and received the same response. MEGABUS ONLY CARES ABOUT THEMSELVES. Don’t ride megabus y’all. There were multiple people at the stop who would say otherwise. I showed him my bank transaction for the the exact price but he said sorry that can mean anything. If you book a trip with MegaBUS you would think you book a BUS JOURNEY, right? He asked to see my booking on the phone so I showed him my phone and he grabbed my phone which I wasn’t comfortable with. After few minutes another megabus team member came in and shouted “ticket inspection” so we got our phones out to show. They were so scripted they could not answer certain questions. The only company I have dealt with through this coronavirus pandemic that is being selfish. I insisted that when I spoke with him that I was going to get the run around. I still can’t get over how horrible this company is. Her previous representative hung up in my face. As a consumer, I am more concerned with how a service is being provided rather than the service itself. The loading station in Tampa was Tampa\Mango (P&R), FL. I was in amazed! He said "No just call back on the day that your returning home. No possible refund***. It was definitely not clear at all and my booking confirmation for the departure and return looked exactly the same and there was even a link to a map to guide you to your pick up point which clearly told me to go to the coach pick up station! FAQ. We’ll start sending you the news you need delivered straight to you. That I would receive a complimentary ticket. Yes they lost my sons bag with his sony play station in it, his controllers and all of his games. First time I had no issues. I then emailed again. !Same credit card, same information, same everything.Just a sneaky way to squeeze you for more money.No charging ports on the bus and it was freezing.Never again mega bus. I had scheduled a trip to Toronto to then fly to Atlanta. I traveled with my wife and 10yr old kid and did not face any issues. The second was a different matter. No issues when I used mega bus, the cost was very reasonable and the coach was in a decent condition. I had to miss the entire meeting, didn't take the bus, got photo evidence that I didn't take the bus, then Megabus refused to refund me after multiple emails and phone calls, all of which I was very polite during. I only had an hour and a half in NYC for an important meeting. The booking process was easy and simple. Unsubscribe easily. This is a horrible way to treat customers during these uncertain times and I will not be using megabus again. I will never use them again - if you’re smart you will use another company! They said because they had to cancel the trip, I could no longer change to the discount code. A link has directed you to this review. They had the AUDACITY to tell me the only way they can switch the ticket is if I send in supporting documents. I mean do you guys not care for the customers. I was standing at the coach pick up station and was waiting for the coach to come. shame on you @megabus. We were both lied to as we were told the bus had a GPS and arrived at the stop. … Terrible cancellation/rescheduling policy. He then suggested that I give the credit to a friend or family near a bus stop in use. When I looked for my luggage, I did not find it and there was only one luggage remaining which wasn't mine. This is the reason that I booked ahead of time to not miss my event. Megabus is one of the best known "cheap" bus lines, and they generally have good prices and lots of times to choose from. I took megabus for the first time yesterday, it was a nice day for traveling with good weather and all. Wait-I now just decide to check it out and guess what?


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