margate boardwalk committee
Margate Boardwalk Committee Updater: On Thurs. Iet the people decide. One that, we believe, places a heavy thumb on the scale. The committee called that assertion “an old bugaboo designed to strike fear in the hearts of Margate residents,” employed “without any facts, only the use of innuendo, suspicion and bias against certain groups.”. We’re property owners and tax payers in Margate. According to a release, the committee will share the benefits of building a boardwalk, which they say will be a positive asset for the city. will on the margate boardwalk committee’s “a margate boardwalk for the 21st century” revised edition; joan r scafide on a sneak preview of a possible margate boardwalk; recent posts. If you want a boardwalk go to Atlantic City, Ocean City or Wildwood. Margate Boardwalk Committee . vote yes – on the margate boardwalk referendum mail – in ballot !! We are 2nd homeowners who have a condo on Atlantic near Lucy. According to Glenn Klotz, director of the Friends of the Margate Read more…, Margate man’s bequest will help Stockton students succeed, Margate officials feel ‘validated’ by Appellate Court decision, Margate non-binding referendum to gauge voter interest in building a Boardwalk. We look at ourselves as homeowners but we are looked upon as visitors, except on tax day, then we are home owners and expected to do our part. I would love a boardwalk. It stood for 38 years until the ’44 hurricane where it was substantially damaged. It’s not that far away. Wish I could vote on local matters. Cars speed n come very close to bikers and pedestrians. The potential for a Margate boardwalk to look like AC is always a possibility. Is a thing if the past. Although Gov. There were no useless dunes that you can’t see over until you climb over!! MARGATE – The Margate Boardwalk Committee Thursday, Feb. 20 issued its response to an administrative report the city issued on the committee’s July 1, 2019 report on building a boardwalk in Margate. Yes I can vote since I am a full time resident. All three commissioners agreed to hold the referendum and let the voters decide the issue. How will climbing up and down steps make anything easier. The corrupt 3 Amigos should just pad the budget for what they plan to steal and move on. The Board of Commissioners is scheduled to hold its next work session and regular meeting in person at Historic City Hall, 1 S. Washington Ave., starting at 4 p.m. Thursday, June 18. “This leads us to wonder whether the city is making a good faith effort to have an honest dialogue, or are merely looking for ways to dismiss the idea.”. GALLOWAY TOWNSHIP – Former Stockton University trustee Judge Gerald Weinstein  of Margate passed away in December 2019, but through his estate, Stockton students will continue to benefit from his generosity and concern. Becker said if the voters approve a referendum, “we’ll have to see” if it ever gets built. BW with showers, foot baths, pavilions will make crowds exponential. The issue of building a boardwalk surfaced two years ago after the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the NJ Department of Environmental Protection built a 1.5 mile long protective sand dune across the beach that degraded views and access to the ocean, and created a “dead zone” between the back of the dune and the existing citywide bulkhead. Easier access to our great beaches for families with children. new contact email The Margate Boardwalk Committee wants the town to build a boardwalk to solve problems caused by the recent beach replenishment and dune project that the town fought in court for years. The Board of Commissioners has not publicly discussed the proposal since Deaney issued the city’s response in October. Places for friends to gather and enjoy the ocean view and fresh air. Way too much money for the study and way way too much money for a boardwalk. A bequest from Read more…, MARGATE – The City of Margate and the Margate City Planning Board have won on all issues in the recent and important court decision, Two Daughters, LLC v Harbour Bay LLC, The City of Margate Planning Read more…, By NANETTE LoBIONDO GALLOWAY MARGATE – A question on the Margate general election ballot will gauge voter interest in building a boardwalk in Margate. The Nov. 3 election ballot will include a referendum question asking voters to say yes or no to expending funds for the city to further explore the feasibility of building a boardwalk along the bulkhead side of the dune. Safer streets by moving bikers to the boardwalk. “The city resorts to using fear tactics to try to convince people that a boardwalk is not feasible — fear of fire, of crime, and of wild and unrestrained increases in costs,” the group wrote in Thursday’s report. Advocates estimate it will cost the average homeowner $220 a year over 20 years to build the boardwalk. Thank you. Boardwalk is an absolute waste of out precious resources. The Margate Boardwalk Committee wants the town to build a boardwalk to solve problems caused by the recent beach replenishment and dune project that the town fought in court for years. I couldn’t wait for the Ventnor boardwalk to open. I think that it would bring in a lot of unwanted traffic which is not what Margate is about. The Margate Boardwalk Committee will host its first public event, a rally 5:30 p.m. Sunday at Lucy Park. Want to ride your bike or stroll on the boardwalk? But hold on there. “We decided to be conservative and just gauge the sentiment of the voters so we can continue on this path next year when things are sane, we have an economy again and can return to some kind of normal,” Klotz said. Perhaps, since the full-time residents are the ones to make the decision on this, the cost of both the engineering as well as building should go to them. Eyes wide open!. MARGATE – The Margate Boardwalk Committee, which is advocating to build a border-to-border boardwalk behind the engineered protective dune, has forwarded wording to the city for a non-binding referendum to be included on the November General Election ballot. If voters approve the suggested referendum, the city is not bound to actually build the boardwalk. That’s the simple goal behind asking this question on the Nov 3 general election ballot. The Margate Boardwalk Committee wants the town to build a boardwalk to solve problems caused by the recent beach replenishment and dune project that the town fought in court for years. Taxes will go up anyway regardless of this project or another. Looks like the 3 Margate Commissioners want their own version of the referendum question. The boardwalk backers note that the project would include lighting, which it said is a well-established deterrent to crime. A rebuilt Margate Boardwalk would feature pavilions, benches and rest areas. Then ask yourselves if this is really what the ENTIRE community wants.


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