julio jones yac
The simplest route in football -- go long! In 2013, with the Redskins, Pierre Garçon was second in the NFL in YAC. The most valuable post route of 2018 was one Leonte Caroo's two receptions -- a 74-yard touchdown where the ball went right through Pierre Desir's hands. The platonic ideal of the slant is probably Jerry Rice catching a Joe Montana pass in stride and racing towards the end zone, so it is perhaps fitting that it's a 49er, Marquise Goodwin, who ended up with the highest value slant in 2018 -- this 55-yard touchdown, worth 32 DYAR. If it hits his hands, Thomas is catching it. It's no surprise that Tampa Bay led the league in go/fly routes, with James Winston and Ryan Fitzpatrick bombing it out play after play, but Pittsburgh was right behind them, which should make for an interesting 2019. Some of this data appeared throughout Football Outsiders Almanac 2019. The offense ranked last in red zone scoring percentage (41.18%). This is mostly a running back route, but wideouts and tight ends do run it often enough that it reached that qualifying 400-target mark. The reality is, when he gets a full head of steam, Thomas is among the most difficult players to tackle in football. Michael Thomas vs. Julio Jones are in a fierce battle for best NFC South receiver. It helps paint a more complete picture of each receiver's skill set and usage patterns. When he gets fed, Jones gets better. He did generate four first downs in his 17 targets, but he fumbled on one of them, and his most successful play was listed with 5 air yards in what I suspect was more likely a charting error than a successful receiver screen -- and it only gained 15 yards in total, so it wasn't one of those huge boom plays that make the screen enticing. In 2012, Garçon and Santana Moss both ranked in the top-13 in YAC/reception. So, the overarching question is: Who would you rather have? Don't knock it if it works, as Lockett did nearly a quarter of his damage on deep crosses. The top five deep cross targets included three of the top five players in total DYAR in Hill, Lockett, and DeAndre Hopkins -- this is a good way to find the best deep threats in the league from 2018. Comeback: Michael Thomas (39 DYAR) Nowadays, he is slightly more humble. His overall performance at the Senior Bowl ultimately convinced the 49ers to draft him and for him to make an impact from day one. Going 0-for-5 or more on a route is rare, but not unheard of; Josh Doctson was 0-for-7 on go/fly routes. Antonio Brown had the most valuable broken play in 2018, with a 78-yard touchdown worth 37 DYAR against Jacksonville on a play so broken neither the announcers nor the cameramen seemed to understand precisely what happened until well after the fact.


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