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However, that doesn’t change the fact that the bodies of some saints have remained relatively preserved long after we would have expected them to break down. These ritual inspections are performed very rarely and can only be performed by a bishop according to the requirements of canon law. HIs remains can be found at the Church of St. Ignatius of Loyola at Campus Martius in Rome. He is a Doctor of the Church and patron saint of Catechists. In Roman Catholicism, if a body is judged as incorruptible after death, this is most often seen as a sign that the individual is a saint. The relics must be sealed with wax and the body must be replaced after inspection. Canon lawallows inspection of the body so that relics can be taken and sent to Rome. A pontifical commission can authorize inspection of the relics and demand … The Incorruptibles are saints whose bodies are miraculously preserved after death, defying the normal process of decomposition. Incorruptible Saints Today The idea that some bodies remain more or less in the same condition they were in when a person died doesn’t exactly align with our understanding of science. St. Robert Bellarmine died on September 17, 1621. This is just a short list of the incorrupt saints. St. Robert Bellarmine was a Jesuit, cardinal, and a great preacher.


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