is george negus still alive
They killed him because of, you know, doing sculpture and painting and that sort of thing, which is… They think it’s against their belief. Then he said, "I've put another extension on my hotel." The journal finds a vague structure by allocating a section to each country that Negus travels through: Jordan, Israel, Dubai and Oman, all relatively progressive Islamic states. DAVID BRILL:    I ran into this guy who spoke a bit of English and he said, "Oh, I lived in Australia." As we were coming in, late afternoon, we had to circle around a couple of times because other military C-130s were landing with supplies. Also on the roads going down to some of this devastation, people - kids mainly - are holding boxes trying to get money, because they can't get it from the government. That's all she had left. Nevertheless, as Brendan Hutchens found out, the bond between them is damned-near unbreakable. Some of the real outlying areas, I heard, even the aid agencies or the authorities haven't gone too. The journey to Israel allows for explanation of the central conflict of the region and the cause for much of the Muslim world’s resentment towards the United States: the Israel-Palestine conflict. They thought they heard noises. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Hi there, I am an Australian Muslim women convert, i used to have a hate towards Muslims in general before I was 13 years old but after meeting and just asking questions in Islam I embraced it at age 16 I’m now very happily married to a jordanian Muslim man. The world in 2003 was a very different place. DAVID BRILL:    And shop after shop, house after house, just flattened. There was one man, an old man, his house totally gone, sitting beside, late in the afternoon, praying. 82; Recently Passed Away Celebrities and Famous People. *”Mehdi Mohammadi” is now known as “Mehdi Rasulle”. DAVID BRILL:    Yes, yes. Just the only things which I could imagine was the ocean and kangaroo. Just fanning them there and they were just laying there in tremendous pain. Create a free website or blog at The recurring sources of resentment towards the United States are their support of Israel, cultural arrogance, and propping up of oppressive dictatorships, such as the Saudis and Gaddafi. GEORGE NEGUS:    David, looking at that scene from the air as you were arriving in Padang, you can't see any sign, really, of the devastation below. Our story looks at the unique relationship that’s emerged between Mehdi and Dunia – why one woman has decided to devote a year of her life to help a young refugee. (Chuckles) And I really love it. BRENDAN HUTCHENS: How does that make you feel when she says that? DAVID BRILL:    And it was very moving. Where the Chinatown was they couldn't get a lot of these trucks into this area to dig up all the rubble. Still, he says some of the most inspiring people are the ones you don’t hear about it in the headlines. And you're talking about 400. I came across one little girl - a beautiful little girl - she had one leg poking out with just some bandages over it. And I think, "Well, hang on, what about the outlying areas?" So it's their way of getting enough money to pass to their friends in the villages to survive on. DAVID BRILL:    Yes. ( Log Out /  In fact, they’re no relation whatsoever. DAVID BRILL:    As you and I've seen many, many times over the last 40 years or so, it does. DAVID BRILL:    And what a lie that was, 'cause when you actually get down there and you see the devastation it's quite the opposite. On the way, there were bodies in body bags - the smell reminded me very much of war - waiting in the heat there, it was incredibly hot, to be picked up by ambulances and taken to a morgue, hopefully. He remained in that role for the next 11 years, until 1989. GEORGE NEGUS:    Despite all of this - this devastation and this death and horrible situation, somehow or other life manages to go on. GEORGE NEGUS: Now, though, another pretty remarkable duo. And he said, "It's worse than this - come and I'll show you Chinatown". DK . MEHDI MOHAMMADI: It was a bit scary. Then I realised - and somebody told me in broken English - that when the earthquake happened and all the rain and so on totally destroyed this whole village nothing was left, except for I saw a couple of people walking with an old bedpost or whatever. It undoubtedly brings a great deal to the lives of its followers, but, as with any ideology, it has its limitations, and it may be distorted to justify different causes. MEHDI MOHAMMADI: Um, yeah, it…it gives me…feel, like, confident, and it makes me, like, work…work harder. This time, not siblings. Negus obviously finds many of theses grievances justified, and comes down hard on Israel in his “Final Reflections”, citing various atrocities they have committed in the last thirty years, including the bombing of Palestinian refugee camps at Sabra and Shatilla in Lebanon which, he reports, resulted in deaths of “3500 men, women and children”, an incident I was unaware of, and was be shocked by. And then we tried to go inside some of the buildings with the experts to find if anybody was still alive in there - they were still hoping people were alive at this stage - or to find bodies. Very bad. BRENDAN HUTCHENS: Mehdi had to get a job as a panel beater. For more info see our Cookies Policy. Right, yeah. DAVID BRILL:    The Pepsi was still there, and it was just an eerie feeling to think that a day or so before people were sitting there enjoying themselves and the drinks were still there. But they were worried about disease, of course, when the monsoon rains came. GEORGE NEGUS:    We are looking at those pictures now. I’d do anything for him. The treatment of women gets a look in, with segregation explained as a practicality and veiling a choice. Dubai contrasts the austerity of Islam with the modernity and materialism of the richest Gulf state. And Oman, at the time, was piloting an Islamic form of democracy. Bush was in the White House, Osama bin Laden was alive, the Iraq War had only just begun, the Arab Spring, or Jasmine Revolution, was still in the realm of fantasy, and the West’s Islamophobia was perhaps more fevered, if less entrenched. This was on the side of a mountain or a hill and the bulldozers were just digging away quietly. I’m truly happy being a Muslim women, I feel more liberated than any non Muslim women because of the real teachings of Islam not the lies the media feed us .


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