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Hybrid Conflicts and Information Warfare: New Labels, Old Politics Hybridity involves a mixture of aspects of more than one culture, here, the Indian and western. Although the original, theoretic development of hybridity addressed the narratives of cultural imperialism, Bhabha's work also comprehends the cultural politics of the condition of being "a migrant" in the contemporary metropolis. Jahrhunderts bei der Erklärung von Wörtern wie Derselbe oder Einerley Verwendung, als eigenständiger Ausdruck wird er dort jedoch erst zum Ende des 19. "[20] Another promoter of hybridity as globalization is Jan Nederveen Pieterse, who asserts hybridity as the rhizome of culture. … difficulties with normal English are … its, As a result, companies are accelerating deployment of a range of new plug-in, While Volvo plans to continue to offer mild, The school system will finalize criteria for, This week, the health director for New London and surrounding towns recommended districts continue with the, What each party wants would produce bad healthcare for America but the, Then there's the doughscuit, the divine square doughnut-biscuit, While some Maryland school systems have announced the start of, Simmons College of Kentucky, a historically Black college in Louisville, has relied on remote learning this fall, along with many other colleges and universities that have implemented, Post the Definition of hybrid to Facebook, Share the Definition of hybrid on Twitter, How to Use Word Division Dots and Syllable Hyphens, 'Cordial': A Word Straight from the Heart. Diese Seite wurde zuletzt am 27. Der Begriff der Hybridität ist in der Tradition der politischen Theorie ein sehr neuer Begriff (benutzt seit den 1990er Jahren), hat aber gleichwohl das Potential, theoriegeschichtliche Verbindungslinien des Politischen (vgl. Finally, the combined rules that take into account overlapping concepts are proposed to combine the results of the two taggers. [21][22], Languages are all hybrid, in varying degrees. [13] The principal proposition is the hybridity of colonial identity, which, as a cultural form, made the colonial masters ambivalent, and, as such, altered the authority of power; as such, Bhabha's arguments are important to the conceptual discussion of hybridity. Hybridity, in its most basic sense, refers to mixture. Die Art und Weise der Sprachmischung kann unterschiedlichste Formen annehmen, z. (2016): Vergnügter Protest. <>/Metadata 1843 0 R/ViewerPreferences 1844 0 R>> Bakhtin states that the language of the novel is "a system of languages that mutually and ideologically interanimate each other". [5] Mikhail Bakhtin distinguished two types of hybridity: "organic" or "unconscious" hybridity and "intentional" hybridity. Synonyme für "überwinden" 462 gefundene Synonyme 31 verschiedene Bedeutungen für überwinden Ähnliches & anderes Wort für überwinden According to The Oxford English Dictionary, 900 English words are of Indian origin. ): Soziale Hybridität – hybride Sozialität. Die Bezeichnung stammt ursprünglich aus der Landwirtschaft, entwickelte sich aber zu einem in verschiedenen akademischen Disziplinen, insbesondere in der Soziolinguistik und im Umfeld … Top synonyms for hybridity (other words for hybridity) are hybridized, hybrid and half breed. The code for attribution links is required. Therefore, with this interpretation, hybridity represents that ambivalent ‘turn’ of the subject into the anxiety-causing object of "paranoid classification—a disturbing questioning of the images and presences of authority". mild or merciful in disposition or character; lenient; compassionate. See more. Much of this debate can be criticized as being excessively bogged down in theory and pertaining to some unhelpful quarrels on the direction hybridity should progress e.g. Wiesbaden: Springer VS. 2016. The hybrid retains the actual semblance of the authoritative symbol but reforms its presence by denying it as the signifier of disfigurement—after the intervention of difference. [30] For example, in Rooms by Sara Ludy computer-generated effects process physical spaces into abstractions, making familiar environments and items such as carpets, doors and windows disorientating, set to the sound of an industrial hum. Hybridity demonstrates how cultures come to be represented by processes of iteration and translation through which their meanings are vicariously addressed to—through—an Other. He calls this alternative mode of rethinking postcoloniality "a radical ethics of hybridity," which is "global in scope and planetary in aspiration". 2015. The term originates from biology and was subsequently employed in linguistics and in racial theory in the nineteenth century. Psychosis in Hybridity: Locating the Identity of the Postcolonial Subject in Kiran Desai's The Inheritance of Loss The term hybridity remains contested precisely because it has resisted the appropriations of numerous discourses despite the fact that it is radically malleable. Hybridität bedeutet für Bhabha die Zurückweisung eines nomothetischen oder essentialistischen Diskurses des Politischen. having or claiming to have the power of seeing objects or actions beyond the range of natural vision. It can efficiently identify unseen synonyms. In this way, hybridity can unsettle the narcissist demands of colonial power, but reforms its identifications in strategies of subversion that turn the gaze of the discriminated back upon the colonist.


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