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One of the ways I’ve used Feedly in the past and will use it soon again is for studying. Unlimited Websites. It’s the newspaper of today. Want to customize? Still, it’s so nice to have some tips on how to do this, as that makes it feel less overwhelming. I use it to follow influencers and generate content ideas. Feedly, I’m down with. Instead of subscribing to multiple websites, blogs or podcasts and having to go to each place to read or listen to the content, you can bring everything to you! Or is there a similar tool that you use and would reccomend? You can use the search function to find the topics that relate to your needs. If you select only a certain news source, you can only read news from that source. I’m devoting an hour a day to it. While I do have a book that I’m kicking off my learning with, I can fill in times that I don’t feel like using my book … I only feature products that I either already own or genuinely like, and my opinions are always my own. You should also monitor any information you can use to grow your client base and project size. Now that I feel relatively confident with how Feedly works, I’m here to get you all set straight, if need be. Step 4: Select the FOLLOW that appears next to the topic you just searched for if you want to add it to Feedly, and then select the personal page you just created (in our example, Android News ). Custom sharing – You can set up sharing to other tools not on the default list. When you set up a new WordPress website, the platform gives you three image sizes to play with: thumbnail, medium, and large (plus the file’s original resolution). You can mark all as read / read so the number of notifications disappear completely. So instead of you having to go visit web pages every couple of days, it will store it all within their app. Step 2: Select ADD CONTENT to add the news source to the page, then you can view the news from that source on your Feedly page. Sarah, where is the left menu button? Even if you use IFTTT, to connect these two services, you still need a pro account. This is how most people discover new content today but it’s also how most of us waste a lot of our precious time. If you don’t like the Feedly interface, you can easily change it. Priorities, people. This will take me to the tech subdomain of HowStuffWork. Feedly can be used from computers, on the web and from mobile devices. As a weird bonus, not only are they sucking in info from your google reader, but google reader is apparently sucking info from them too. 2.1 To add channels one by one, go to add content > and type in the URL of the YouTube channel or the podcast. How to access Feedly After signing up for Feedly, you have a few options to access your account. One of the essential things you would need to accomplish as a freelancer would be to keep track of current trends. I use buffer, twitter, email, send to pocket, etc. This includes general setting, browser appearance, and billing information. For me, it’s really the easiest way to curate content from my favorite publications for social sharing – I can save posts or share them on my social accounts directly from the Feedly interface. You can build a team board to better approach larger projects. Works only on the web. If you don’t like the Feedly interface, you can easily change it. This will load the full article inside Feedly. The perfect theme for bloggers and online-publications. You can add urls or your favorite website or just type news into the search bar. ‘Preferences’ is available on the bottom-left part of the screen. You can see my collections at. Delete the article – The article will not be displayed in the feed any more. Add OPML file Read the newspaper on Feedly. When given the choice between using a vector icon or a static image, it’s a good idea to go with the vector. a) If you highlight any text when you are reading, Feedly gives you some extra options, e.g. Feel the need to ‘mark all as read’ once in while? Here, I have explained what exactly is Feedly and how to use it on web and mobile. Twitter is a great place to monitor new trends. If any site provides content in RSS (Real Simple Syndication), you can add it to Feedly and then read that blog’s content on Feedly on your desktop or mobile, instead of going to the source site. Feel free to geek out with him on-. For example, if you read a news on your computer or add a message to your profile, it will appear on other devices at the same time. Feedly works across job functions as well. Hooray! One, it’s available for all platform i.e. When you click this button, the tool provides you with links to all the feeds on the site. Fetch stories up to five times more quickly. For instance, set title only for tech categories and magazine for productivity blogs. Update: Please see “How to use Feedly” for a new tutorial to help you get started with Feedly. I switched to Feedly a couple weeks ago. Customer stories. Ever since Google reader shutdown in 2013, many people (including me) moved to Feedly –a promising candidate for that time. For instance, on any given day, you can open Feedly, add several articles to your sharing queue on Buffer (adding custom messages as you go, of course), then call it a day. Like – you want to subscribe articles only from a specific author, subdomain, or tags etc, then simply add that URL to Feedly. The first benefit of Feedly is that you can see all the information from one place instead of having to click on many websites, blogs, etc. Another way to feed RSS feeds to Feedly is to use the OPML Import page , which you can access right here or select the settings / gear icon on the left side of the screen, above the home page. By saving one of your articles to a Board, the people you share it with can see any articles you’ve marked for urgency. Blog. Unlimited Users. You will be given the option to create a folder for the feed or you can place it in an existing folder. There are a couple of ways of adding subscriptions. That way, social media curation is no longer a daunting task. Manually finding and adding content to social platforms each day is time-consuming. Let’s hope it’s the second one. It’s much easier to scan. You can also highlight the ones you are most interested in by selecting the star (see the blue star below). Will I ever be able to just log in to Feedly? Including targeted on-going research projects, individual and group content curation, social sharing, and even content creation that relies heavily on citing/quoting sources around the web. This is good and works for most people. I think the biggest thing the paid plan offers is the ability to have Google Keyword Alerts added to feeds. When presented with a conundrum like this, you can choose two different routes. I have been using Feedly since Google Reader closed down in 2013. A subscription is a feed of content from a particular blog (or news site). I’ll also add that to the ideas list. You can think of these as categories. 0. Feedly is decent, but it still has some quirks that I don’t love. Otherwise I would be one of those frantically figuring out what to do in July. In this tutorial, we will show you how you can use Feedly to discover and follow quality, trusted sources that give you deeper insights into the changes happening in your world. I’ve actually already switched over to Feedly too after a very long and painful search for a new reader. Content on Feedly can be shared or stored on other types of platforms such as email, Buffer, Hootsuite, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Wordpress, OneNote, Instapaper and other types of markup tools. This just scratches the surface of how I can use Feedly to follow feeds, curate content, and share it with my audience. Use the import button and select an OPML file to add to Feedly. You can choose several different views and layouts; I prefer the “Title Only” view. Now, all I have to do is copy paste that URL in Feedly. When I’m finished reading the post, I can share it, save it, and/or delete it from my unread list. a) As we showed above, you can do a search using a hashtag in Feedly and it will display external sites related to the term you search for. Feedly has some amazing features that will help you collect and read content from all your favorite blogs in one place. The free version is limited to just 100 sources, allowing you to create three personal pages and can be accessed from phones or computer devices. You can also use related keywords if you don't know exactly what you are looking for. However, my Google Reader still has a lot of feeds in it of blogs whose writers have stopped writing, so I am looking forward to cleaning up the array. However, for some weird reason, I am able to save my feeds to my pocket account, even on a free plan. The interesting here is, you can set a different layout for each category and Feedly will remember your preference. If you hold your mouse over those lines, a menu pops up that lets you choose various options as well as preferences. How Feedly Works Feedly works by aggregating content from all over the web via RSS feeds. Jason Raisleger And since then, there has been no looking back. Now that I feel relatively confident with how Feedly works, I’m here to get you all set straight, if need be. It can be a bug, or they have made this pocket integration free. The free account gives you three feeds so for this instance I am going to create three feeds: “Marketing Automation”, “News”, and “Photography”. This handy little tool is available as a browser extension and makes it easy to subscribe to the blog you are reading. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. When it comes to Feedly pricing, there is a very good free option and a low-cost, paid option with more features, plus an option that’s suitable for teams. For a marketing professional that might be an industry-specific site like AdAge, or a thought leader like Seth … That’s it. Built to get you more shares and more followers. However, as a reader, I find it really annoying, when I have to visit the website in a new tab, just to read the full article.


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