goose barnacle tree
They concluded that the geese did not have nests at all. Unlike most other types of barnacles, intertidal goose barnacles (e.g. When locals found the black and white barnacles floating to shore on pieces of driftwood, the answer seemed obvious. (Jamain), Goose Barnacle, Lepas anserifera. The tree was aptly named as it possessed barnacles (or shells) that were white in colour, that opened and contained geese. The parents show them the way to jump from the cliff and the goslings follow them by instincts and take the plunge. To eat percebes, the diamond shaped foot is pinched between thumb and finger and the inner tube pulled out of the scaly case. The question of the nature of barnacle geese also came up as a matter of Jewish dietary law in the Halakha, and Rabbeinu Tam (1100–71) determined that they were kosher (even if born of trees) and should be slaughtered following the normal prescriptions for birds. Thus the legend was born. The most bizarre scientific legends sometimes come from completely ordinary creatures. Shorelines| The wings and its back are silver-gray with black-and-white bars that look like they are shining when the light reflects on it. But the legend of the goose barnacle hasn’t fully disappeared. The “barnacle tree” was probably what we know today as the Goose Barnacle (images here), and yes, I suppose they do look like geese. Gerald of Wales claimed to have seen these birds hanging down from pieces of timber, William Turner accepted the theory, and John Gerard claimed to have seen the birds emerging from their shells. Plastic Cleanup Expedition Helps Research Stay Afloat During Pandemic, Mangrove Tracking: Letters from the Field. Hill attributed the myth to a group ignorant fishermen who mistook the wispy filaments protruding from the barnacle’s shells for feathers. The 12th-century bishop Giraldus Cambrensis was one of the first to put the legend to paper, in his Topographia Hiberniae. Because they were often found on driftwood, it was assumed that the barnacles were attached to branches before they fell in the water. The notion that a male goose could spontaneously spring forth from a tree was, in his view, irrefutable evidence of the Immaculate Conception of Christ. Occasionally, a wild bird will appear in the Northeastern United States or Canada, but care must be taken to separate out wild birds from escaped individuals, as barnacle geese are popular waterfowl with collectors. The “tree-goose”, being spontaneously generated from a plant, was fair game. Smithsonian Institution | The bird became the “barnacle goose”, and the barnacles became “goose barnacles… This gave rise to the English name of the barnacle goose and the scientific name of the brant. (Hill may have been bitter about the society’s decision to reject his application for membership, but his logic in this case was still sound.) Up close, it’s not hard to imagine how the bulbous white shells and black stalks of these barnacles could resemble the neck of a goose. However, it was also criticized by other medieval authors, including Albertus Magnus. The foxes also stalk the young as they are led by the parents to wetland feeding areas. For I told them that in our country were trees that bear a fruit that become birds flying, and those that fell in the water live, and they that fall on the earth die”. Terms of Use| [3], Since barnacle geese were thought to be "neither flesh, nor born of flesh", they were allowed to be eaten on days when eating meat was forbidden by Christianity,[2] though it was not universally accepted. The barnacle geese that overwinter in Scotland and Ireland nest in northeast Greenland–presumably a place few medieval fishermen or clergy had ever ventured. It was perpetuated, ironically, by the same scientific community that helped debunk it: The barnacle’s scientific species name, anserifera, literally translates in Latin to “goose-bearing”. The unfortunate crustaceans were dragged into the debate purely by circumstance: The egg-resembling goose barnacles were in Ireland and Scotland at the time; the actual goose eggs were not.


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