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There are in fact environmentalists who dream of a free river, and environmental concerns that were ignored during the mid-20th-century damming and channelizing boom do now play some role in how the river is managed. This kind of cost-sharing makes sense, as does a more cost-benefit-analysis-oriented approach to flood control in general. The United States Coast Guard closed the river to boaters from Gavins Point Dam (Mile Post 850) to Mile Post 450 near St. Joseph, Missouri. It is harder to suit in the matter of beds than a traveling man. Changes made to help endangered species may have made the river valley a little wetter, but keeping it entirely dry seems to be something that simply cannot be guaranteed with the existing infrastructure. A dangerous storm system in South and Midwest USA has produced dozens of tornadoes, strong winds, hail and heavy rain since Monday 20 May, 2019. [49], On June 4, Omaha city officials began releasing 6,000,000 US gallons (23,000 m3) of raw sewage per day into the river from its plant in South Omaha. [107][108], The Amelia Earhart Bridge at Atchison had effectively closed on June 28. Similar to the situation at Fort Calhoun, the FAA placed a temporary no-fly zone within 2 miles (3.2 km) of the plant on June 7. This inadequacy, along with the New Deal penchant for projects that employed lots of people, led to the construction of Fort Peck Dam in Montana, which after its completion in 1940 allowed the Corps to store water to be released into the river in drier months, followed by major channelization efforts upstream from Kansas City. News", "S. Dakota residents evacuate ahead of dam releases", "Gov. [54] On June 7, a fire broke out in the plant's switch gear room, prompting the Nuclear Regulatory Commission to declare an "Alert", which is level 2 on the NRC's emergency classification. For the safety of boaters and to prevent impacts to local infrastructure, boating in these conditions is not recommended. [65] Officials said, "There is no threat to plant employees or to the public; the plant continues to operate safely." There’s a reason the U.S. president is headed for defeat even as fellow populists in Turkey and India continue to thrive. The combined runoff for May and June was 24,300,000 acre feet (30.0 km3). [111] Another report indicated that the only overtopped federal levee was the one at Fort Leavenworth by Sherman Army Airfield.[112]. On July 11, the Omaha World-Herald quoted USGS researchers who are studying unique aspects of the flood. During the flood, every bridge between Omaha and Kansas City was either closed entirely, had exit ramps blocked or had other work at some point. I make no claim to know the proper balance between trying to tame the Missouri River and getting out of its way. The breach occurred despite a month-long battle by the local residents. [57] The complex's elevation is 1,004-foot (306 m) elevation above sea level and as of June 19 the river had risen to 1,005.5 feet (306.5 m). “This year the runoff came from uncontrolled tributaries,” explained John Remus, chief of the agency’s Missouri River Basin Water Management Division. The fact that these changes were followed in later years by flooding is “a coincidental thing,” Remus told me. They speculated that the difficulty of driving from Sioux City and Omaha had spurred the increase. Flows from the biggest of them, Nebraska’s Platte River, peaked at an estimated 170,000 cubic feet (about two Olympic-size swimming pools) per second, 20 times the river’s March average and almost equal to the Missouri’s flow where the Platte met it just south of Omaha. [105] On June 29 the levee was breached and water reached the hangars which had earlier been evacuated. Flood effect: navigation damage threatens barge traffic on Missouri River October 5, 2020 By Missourinet Contributor Work is underway to repair damage to the Missouri River’s navigation channel. The Missouri River experienced severe flooding in 2011, but the recent flooding has been more extensive. [44] Both the US Army Corps of Engineers and the Iowa Department of Natural Resources said they did not regulate the levee. Please update this article to reflect recent events or newly available information. Residents of the Sugar Lake area of Buchanan County were also under voluntary evacuation orders[91], On June 28 Squaw Creek National Wildlife Refuge in Holt County closed its tour route around its pools noting that it no longer control water levels in its pools and that it expects "critical habitat damage to our management areas including the moist soil units, wet prairie, and other priceless wildlife habitats and most habitats will be submerged. Still, the Endangered Species Act of 1973, which instructed federal agencies not to take actions that would “jeopardize the continued existence” of endangered or threatened species, has forced some changes. 800-361-4827 Along the Missouri, though, the situation really isn’t all that bad. In May 2011, dams above Gavins Point began stepping up the release of water (in cubic feet/second), exceeding all previous nationwide records for release. The levee destruction was done to alleviate flooding in a bend of the river where water was pooling on cropland and creating an enormous water pool directly opposite the reactor. [38][39], On June 22, a mandatory evacuation of all residents in Mills County between Interstate 29 and the Missouri River was declared. In 1945, the Corps also got the go-ahead to build hundreds of miles of levees from Sioux City, Iowa, to St. Louis, and to firm up and deepen the river channel to at least nine feet for that entire distance. Many counties, towns and communities are actively conducting flood fighting activities, and recreational boating in areas of active flood fights can adversely impact these efforts. Or maybe not. The Nishnabotna River on its east side was reported to be two feet above flood stage. For news releases related to flooding, visit our disaster resources webpage. Even more apparent is that one of the main justifications for re-engineering the Missouri River has turned out to be chimerical. All those uncontrolled tributaries remain undammed because, as Remus put it to me the day after the meeting, “If there were a good dam site, in the 1940s, ’50s or ’60s some agency would have put a dam there.” The Corps actually explored damming the Platte River about 20 miles upstream from the Missouri in the 1930s and concluded that the resulting reservoir would fill with sediment so quickly “that the benefits would approach a minimum.”.


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