ecw roster
Doring and Roadkill started off as singles wrestlers in ECW, but when they formed a duo, they were one of the most interesting tandems of their time. A throwback to someone like Tully Blanchard, Diamond was a great hand in the mid-card, using sound technical wrestling skills against his opponents. 7/30 • In 1994, Jim Crockett's non-compete agreement with Ted Turner, who purchased World Championship Wrestling (WCW) from Crockett in November 1988, was up and he decided to start promoting with the NWA again. Throughout 1997, ECW wrestlers appeared on USWA television programs, and vice versa. On the same weekend as the ECW One Night Stand 2005 event another reunion show was held at the ECW Arena. His battles against The Dudley Boyz — with a variety of tag partners — were always entertaining affairs. As Paul Heyman’s bodyguard, 911 wasn’t as much of a wrestler as he was an attraction, but he was very over with the crowd and his finisher remains one of the most devastating uses of the maneuver. Mamaluke was fun to watch, bumping his ass off all over arenas and using a Curt Hennig-like selling style where he bounced around the ring like a pinball. After Paul Heyman filed an injunction, WCW refrained from having Awesome appear on Nitro with the belt, but did acknowledge him as the champion. On September 22, 1996, at the In Your House: Mind Games event in Philadelphia, ECW stars The Sandman, Tommy Dreamer, Paul Heyman, and Taz were in the front row with Sandman even interfering in one match (when he threw beer on Savio Vega during his strap match with Bradshaw). 2001 Rotten, and Mahoney as well, recently passed away this year. Like Mysterio, he was a high-flying masked luchador, and his matches with Mysterio helped the Mexican contingent migrate to WCW in its heyday. I totally understand why ECW folded in 2001 and went to the WWE/WWF. When you talk about the best wrestlers in the game, you usually focus on the all-around performer — someone who can talk, perform in the ring, and draw people in with their character. In ECW, there were virtually no rules. This includes the list of all ECW Wrestlers, division between Men and Women Roster, as well as Managers, Announcers, Authority figures, Producers and other personalities in Extreme Championship Wrestling. When thinking about all of the great creations to come out of the mind of Paul Heyman, you’d be remiss not to mention Taz. In the final days of ECW, Corino helped carry the company across the finish line in the World Title picture, serving as one of its last champions before it went belly up. 5/7 • With green mist and a variety of lethal kicks at his disposal, Tajiri was so electrifying to watch that it was hard to keep him a heel: the crowd just loved him. Douglas wasn’t just good on the mic, though… he was damn fine at just about every aspect of the business. The dichotomy of his silly character and the sheer violence of his matches made his appearances memorable. 12/3 • Similar in stature and gimmick to the Road Warriors, Pitbulls No. Austin didn’t stick around for long, and the plan was for him to win the World Title and run with it for a while. When recalling this event years later, Paul Heyman stated the following in a 1998 chat: "The National Wrestling Alliance was old-school when old-school wasn't hip anymore. In 2012, Tommy Dreamer founded House of Hardcore, a wrestling promotion named after the ECW wrestling school and inspired by the hardcore style of wrestling. Tod Gordon Afterward, Gordon remained in ECW as a figurehead commissioner. ECW Roster: Seth Rollins. McMahon acknowledged ECW's status as a local, up and coming promotion on the air. Funk was ECW’s legend, and he elevated so many members of the roster that the feat deserves its own list.


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