dq11 sweet dreams
Location:Angri-La – Lower Level Reward: A boost to Rab’s magical powers How to Complete:  A monk in Angri-La is reading the teachings of Morcant where if you somehow find the three tomes in the Royal Library, Rab can benefit from it. Chest directly below the Altar in the First Forest. The order in which you find them may differ depending on your path of exploration. Head to the Sniflheim Whale Way Station, and just slightly northeast of the locked gate you will find such a lily. It is also possible to farm Mini Medals infinitely in Act 3 when you have access to the Black Cup Horse Race in Gallopolis, or when you have access to fight various enemies in The Drustan Trials. (3/3). This time it’s to locate a Pepper Tree branch, and what better place to find one than in The First Forrest? Stay at the Hotel Casino in Puerto Valor. Below is a list of the rewards you can obtain from turning in your Mini Medals. These are the Malicious Bongo Bangos. This time we’re going north – way north where it’s a little frigid. Repair Cobblestone. Chest in The Luminary's Trial: Citadel of Spite (2/5). There will be a small island in here, so get in there and kill a mounted knight to steal his dragon. Reward for completing "The Shadow" Quest in Octagonia after the tournament events. Return to the Watcher and give the bracelet to unlock an enhanced power of the Luminary Sword abilities. Time to take down a flying Harmachis, but this is a little trickier as this is the first quest that utilizes your flying whale. Chest directly below the Altar in the First Forest (re-spawned from Act 1). Reward: Luminary sword abilities become stronger. Head all the way to the end where you first witnessed the dragon of the mountain and there should be a chest of Hotto stuff just waiting for you. Location: This quest can be found in Angri-La. (right). Kisser spews Sweet Breath to put you to Sleep. Chest in the locked tower at the Champs Sauvage Whale Way Station (2/3). Now Zoom to the summit of the First Forest to find the divine dew you are looking for. Reward for completing the Making Things Right Quest in The Academy. I’ll still give you my character makeup in order to complete it within the 30 moves: This poor girl just wants to sleep but the monsters outside keep making too much noise. Breakable behind the house on Insula Occidentalis. Our hide-and-seek buddy will be hiding in this room. To be exact, it’s in the Trial of Discple’s first area. It may give you a good licking to reduce your Defence, or a sloppy wet one to Mesmerise you. (5/5). Chest in the spiraling rock formation in the western Arborian Highlands. Fight this enemy a couple times before a red-armored version of it rears its head. Chest in The Luminary's Trial: Citadel of Spite (1/5). You can check the total number of Mini Medals you have collected from the Misc --> Info screen of the Main Menu. Lost Lovers. Location: Havens Above – Place of Legends Reward: Luminary Sword abilities become stronger How to Complete:  The Watcher in front of Erdwin statue seems to miss him a lot. (2/3), Chest in the locked tower in Dundrasil Region. All you have to do is kill one of them using Sylvando and the Hero’s Snoze ‘n’ Bruise technique. Location: Phnom Nonh; Reward: Mini Medal x5; This poor girl just wants to sleep but the monsters outside keep making too much noise. The only problem, he needs a Harmonicrystal to do so. We encourage you to read our updated PRIVACY POLICY and COOKIE POLICY. (1 of 2) You’ll find the Watcher inside the Inn of Havens Above, You’ll find the Watcher inside the Inn of Havens Above (left), you’ll need to track down four Tomes across Erdrea. Quest Location: LonaluluReward: Molten Globules. Location: Lonalulu Reward: Slime Crown How to Complete:  Approach the guy who is laying down by the beach and he will give y ou a task where you have to bring him a crystal lily back. Sweet Dreams. There are so many different side quests to do and these final few in particular grant players grand rewards that should help you on your final quest to defeat the true final boss. Chest in The Disciple's Trial: The Eerie Valley (1/3). It also uses Sweet Breath to put party members to Sleep. With the last batch of quests that gets added, there are important rewards here that will be useful in defeating the one true boss like adding bonus stats to Serena, Rab or the hero itself.


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