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[157] Tango music experienced a period of splendor during the 1940s, while in the 1960s and 1970s nuevo tango appeared, incorporating elements of classical and jazz music. This was the only time the city was attacked from the air, and the event was followed by a military uprising which deposed President Perón, three months later (see Revolución Libertadora). Following a 1993 agreement, the Argentine Constitution was amended to give Buenos Aires autonomy and rescinding, among other things, the president's right to appoint the city's mayor (as had been the case since 1880). Pedestrian zones in the city centre, like Florida Street are partially car-free and always bustling, access provided by bus and the Underground (subte) Line C. Buenos Aires, for the most part, is a very walkable city and the majority of residents in Buenos Aires use public transport. [47] Snow is very rare in the city: the last snowfall occurred on 9 July 2007 when, during the coldest winter in Argentina in almost 30 years, severe snowfalls and blizzards hit the country. Establishments of a higher category typically enjoy the city's highest occupation rates. [155] A nationalist trend that drew from Argentine traditions, literature and folk music was an important force during the 19th century, including composers Alberto Williams, Julián Aguirre, Arturo Berutti and Felipe Boero. [147][149] The city also has a thriving market for secondhand books, ranking third in terms of secondhand bookshops per inhabitant, most of them congregated along Avenida Corrientes. Carlos Gardel, an iconic figure of tango and Buenos Aires, became an international star by starring in several films during that era. Buenos Aires had an extensive street railway (tram) system with over 857 km (533 mi) of track, which was dismantled during the 1960s in favour of bus transportation, but surface rail transport has made a small comeback in some parts of the city. In the 1940s and 1950s the General Paz Avenue beltway that surrounds the city along its border with Buenos Aires Province, and the freeways leading to the new international airport and to the northern suburbs, heralded a new era for Buenos Aires traffic. [159][160] The newly founded Argentina Sono Film released ¡Tango! Since the autonomy obtained in 1994, it has been called "CABA" (per Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires, Autonomous City of Buenos Aires). [128], Buenos Aires has a thriving arts culture,[130] with "a huge inventory of museums, ranging from obscure to world-class. Most of the newer immigrants learn Spanish quickly and assimilate into city life. [138] During the 1960s, the Torcuato di Tella Institute – located in Florida Street – became a leading local center for pop art, performance art, installation art, experimental theatre, and conceptual art; this generation of artists included Marta Minujín, Dalila Puzzovio, David Lamelas and Clorindo Testa. Before 2011, due to the favourable exchange rate, its shopping centres such as Alto Palermo, Paseo Alcorta, Patio Bullrich, Abasto de Buenos Aires and Galerías Pacífico were frequently visited by tourists. [132] Other popular institutions are the Buenos Aires Museum of Modern Art, the Quinquela Martín Museum, the Evita Museum, the Fernández Blanco Museum, the José Hernández Museum, and the Palais de Glace, among others. The average distance people usually ride in a single trip with public transit is 8.9 km, while 21% travel for over 12 km in a single direction.[234]. All police station employees are civilians. A notable example is Palermo – the city's largest district – which has been subdivided into various barrios, including Palermo Soho, Palermo Hollywood, Las Cañitas and Palermo viejo, among others. [106], The port of Buenos Aires is one of the busiest in South America; navigable rivers by way of the Rio de la Plata connect the port to north-east Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay and Paraguay. Return to Decades: Live in Buenos Aires. The University of Buenos Aires, one of the top learning institutions in South America, has produced five Nobel Prize winners and provides taxpayer-funded education for students from all around the globe. [22], Health conditions in poor areas were negative, with high rates of tuberculosis. [78] A common expression is that of the Cien barrios porteños ("One hundred porteño neighborhoods"), referring to a composition made popular in the 1940s by tango singer Alberto Castillo; however, Buenos Aires only consists of 48 official barrios. A leading destination for immigrants from Europe, particularly Italy and Spain, from 1880 to 1930 Buenos Aires became a multicultural city that ranked itself with the major European capitals. [147][149] Buenos Aires has at least 734 bookstores—roughly 25 bookshops for every 100,000 inhabitants—far above other world cities like London, Paris, Madrid, Moscow and New York. Decades: Live in Buenos Aires es el sexto álbum en vivo de la banda metal sinfónico finlandesa Nightwish, que se lanzó el 6 de diciembre de 2019. The short form "Buenos Aires" became common usage during the 17th century.[22]. There are Protestant, Orthodox Christian, Muslim and Buddhist minorities. Omar Narvaez, Lucas Matthysse, Carolina Duer, and Marcos Maidana are five modern-day world champions as well. [44] Heat waves are common during summers. [219] An expansion program is underway to extend existing lines into the outer neighborhoods and add a new north-south line. [79], The majority of porteños have European origins, mostly from the Italian regions of Calabria, Liguria, Piedmont, Lombardy, Sicily and Campania and from the Andalusian, Galician, Asturian, and Basque regions of Spain. [114] In fact, every weekend, there are about 300 active theatres with plays, a number that places the city as 1st worldwide, more than either London, New York or Paris, cultural Meccas in themselves. Villas miseria are found around and inside the large cities of Buenos Aires, Rosario, Córdoba and Mendoza, among others, Buenos Aires has below 2 m2 (22 sq ft) of green space per person, which is 90% less than New York, 85% less than Madrid and 80% less than Paris. To the east of the square is the Casa Rosada, the official seat of the executive branch of the government of Argentina. [149] Buenos Aires' book market has been described as "catholic in taste, immune to fads or fashion", with "wide and varied demand. TRACK LISTING: Swanheart (Live) End of All Hope (Live) Wish I Had an Angel (Live) 10Th Man Down (Live) Come Cover Me (Live) [162] Every year, the city hosts the Buenos Aires International Festival of Independent Cinema (BAFICI), which, in its 2015 edition, featured 412 films from 37 countries, and an attendance of 380 thousand people. Decades: Live in Buenos Aires es el sexto álbum en vivo de la banda metal sinfónico finlandesa Nightwish, que se lanzó el 6 de diciembre de 2019. [200] Today, over 1.8 million vehicles (nearly one-fifth of Argentina's total) are registered in Buenos Aires.[201]. [208][209][210] Similarly, almost all level crossings have been replaced by underpasses and overpasses in the city, with plans to replace all of them in the near future. Juan Manuel Fangio won five Formula One World Driver's Championships, and was only outstripped by Michael Schumacher, with seven Championships. To install click the Add extension button. The Port of Buenos Aires handles over 11 million revenue tons annually,[107] and Dock Sud, just south of the city proper, handles another 17 million metric tons. [51][52], Spring and autumn are characterized by changeable weather conditions. On 30 June 1996, voters in Buenos Aires chose their first elected mayor (Jefe de Gobierno). [8] The city limits were enlarged to include the towns of Belgrano and Flores; both are now neighborhoods of the city. 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[74], Two-thirds of the city's residents live in apartment buildings and 30% in single-family homes; 4% live in sub-standard housing. A popular genre is electronic dance music, with festivals including Creamfields BA, SAMC, Moonpark, and a local edition of Ultra Music Festival. Its citizens first elected a chief of government (i.e. [212][213], There are also three other major projects on the table. Furthermore, it declared that the Port of Buenos Aires, along with some other places, would remain under constituted federal authorities.


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