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Peter’s words to Simon give every indication that the sorcerer was not a converted man. When God Tells you to Move, Move 1stKings 17:1-9....And the word of the Lord came unto him saying. His life is a montage of great military victories and painful personal defeat. He was the man after God’s own heart, the sweet singer of Israel, and the leader of God’s people. Pastor Michael Lindell, May 20, 2012 In what ways did Saul persecute the church? Deut. -- We Have to be Transparent He accepted his reality and got up off the ground, washed and groomed himself, and began to eat. Open the YouTube app and search for Church on the Move. But the greatest enemy is not out there, its inside me! Church on the Move Sermons Sermons(Right-click and select "save link as ", "save target as", "download linked file" or "download link target" to download the mp3 file to your computer's hard drive. The 16th verse tells us that his shame and remorse were so great that he could not be comforted. Because As He Is, So Are We He is trying his best to beseech God to change His mind and let the child live. He “made havoc of the church,” and the verb here describes a wild animal mangling its prey. -- God is Good! Moody once asked a man about his soul, and the man replied, “It’s none of your business!”. God needs a church on the move - Where The Pastor Moves Over Recent Sermons. 3:6). To begin with, God directed Philip to the right person at the right time. Today is the day when you are going to be renewed in your mind. Seeing people find Jesus and realize how He sees them and loves them is very important here at Church on the Move. Simon started to lose his following as the Samaritans listened to Philip’s messages, believed on Jesus Christ, were born again, and were baptized. Sunday School: 9:00am, “A locked door doesn’t keep Jesus out!” Just one of the many powerful truths that Pastor Chuck shared with us this past Sunday in his message titled, “Outside the Wall.” Pastor Chuck shared 3 important things that God has given us from John 20:19-21.1. 1:16,nkjv). Regular attenders can use this "Donate Now" button to titheor give an offering. 1:14). Pastor Michael Lindell, June 24, 2012 Sin will always cost you more than you want to pay. Share. He had left the headless corpse of a Goliath in the Elah valley when just a teenager, a little boy carrying a big head. God Cares More About Your Money Than You Do. Throw off those rags of despondency and desperation. It is God’s “dynamite” for breaking down sin’s barriers and setting the prisoners free. -- You Can Hear God! He really thought that persecuting the believers was one way of serving God, so he did it with a clear conscience (2 Tim. Youth Transformed Testimonies, October 21, 2012 When Christ spoke to Saul on the Damascus road, He compared him to a beast! A Clever Deceiver—Simon the Sorcerer(Acts 8:9–25). The word translated “scattered” (diaspeiro, Acts 8:1, 4) means “to scatter seed.” The believers in Jerusalem were God’s seed and the persecution was used of God to plant them in new soil so they could bear fruit (Matt. Church at Ephesus. But nothing worked! Is.” In hismessage, Pastor Chuck asked a question, “Are you looking for who Jesus was or are youwitnessing who Jesus is?”Who is Jesus? What Difference Does God Make? -- Testimonies New You, New Relationships. -- Children of God In time, the man carrying the big head was made to realize that the big head was no longer the head of an enemy but his own. Pastor Michael Lindell, July 8, 2012 Take a few minutes and ask yourself, "how much do . While it is not out of place for believers to repent (see Rev. 1. Pastor Michael Lindell, September 16, 2012 53:4–9), and victorious resurrection (Isa. -- Testimonies Or simply click the link to play within your computer's browser.) Create a watch party for you and your friends! 1:3). The Ethiopian focused on Isaiah 53:7–8, which describes our Lord as the willing Sacrifice for sinners, even to the point of losing His human rights. -- Posted next week: Work Hard to Rest, Walking, Leaping, and Praising God, Part 2. Next. His faith was not in the Word of God, but in the miracles he saw Philip perform; The wickedness of Simon’s heart was fully revealed by the ministry of the two apostles. Move Out and Move On. They lost no opportunity to share the Good News with others now that the doors were open in Samaria. You see, sin will always keep you longer than you want to stay! At other times we want to ask David, “What were you thinking?”. The enemy within him created a disastrous circumstance that brought the great king from the throne of power to a pitiful worm lying upon the ground in misery, shame and remorse. -- The Flesh Profits Nothing Seeing spiritual growth as orderly opportunities to fulfill God's purposes. 53:10–12). It is this passage that gives us the word simony, which means “the buying and selling of church offices or privileges.”. There must be a renewing of the mind! Men's Transformed Testimonies, October 7, 2012 A gathering of believers who understand and minister  Health, Safety, Family and Fun. But deep in his heart, he knows that God is Love, but He is also a God of judgment. If its still living in your head, its still going to be living in your life! 1:6-8. Visit our Donation page for more information and links for mobile phone apps by clicking this link:Donations Page, We have Life Groups that run several times a year, hosted at homes and at the church. 29:18; Heb. Philip’s experience ought to encourage us in our own personal witness for the Lord. Full Gospel Pentecostal Church Anniston Alabama. Or simply click the link to play within your computer's browser.) 30th Anniversary. We want to see the people in our community grow to realize their importance and that each and everyone is loved no matter where they are on life’s journey. I preach Joseph’s story, “The Pit To The Pinnacle”; I preach David’s story, “From the Pinnacle To The Pit”. On the seventh day, he perceived! Sometimes a leader will wonder if the present difficulty is the one that will knock you out! My advice is to kill what needs to be killed. Or simply click the link to play within your computer's browser.) A CHURCH ON THE MOVE Acts 8 There is one thing stronger than all the armies in the world,” wrote Victor Hugo, “and that is an idea whose time has come.” The Gospel of Jesus Christ is much more than an idea. The scriptures inform us that David knows about God’s mercy, and His gracious loving kindness, for he has experienced it before. -- Garbage In, Garbage Out As Philip drew near to the chariot, he heard the man reading from the Prophet Isaiah. 4. “Thy money perish with thee!” is pretty strong language to use with a believer. Paul’s missions. We want to see the people in our community grow to realize their importance “Oh, yes, it is my business!” Moody said; and the man immediately exclaimed, “Then you must be D.L. It’s time to move out and move on. Take me back to COTM.netand click on the audio tab for a more complete list. Philip was not only a faithful preacher; he was also an obedient personal worker. God directed him to evangelize in Samaria, an area that had been prohibited to the Apostles (Matt. When Samuel came to anoint a king, Jesse did not include David in the list of his sons! Tak, Fall Festival is in only two days away! Both John the Baptist and Jesus had ministered there (John 3:23; 4:1ff), so Philip entered into their labors (John 4:36–38). The events in Acts 8 center around four different men. Evangelism. Sarai prayed for a baby – Isaac 13:24–30, 36–43). D.L. Easter at Church on the Move 2018. Open the YouTube app and search for Church on the Move. A Concerned Seeker—an Ethiopian(Acts 8:26–40). There are moments in our life that feel impossible, Our 2021 Compassion Kickoff is THIS WEEKEND! Even though the persecution was still going on, Peter and John returned to Jerusalem, preaching the Gospel in “many villages of the Samaritans” as they went their way. Service Times: A unified family committed to reflecting the truth of Jesus Christ! Growing together in honesty and honor, serving from the overflow of our relationship with God and communicating peace. It’s not what the people out there say about you, that is just rumor and suspicion. 13:23). Sermons. Pastor Eric Lopez, July 1, 2012 Chat with other viewers or request one-on-one prayer from someone on our team during the service. Some of you are praying, God keep it alive, and God says “NO, I’m trying to kill it.”. The angel could have told this Ethiopian official how to be saved, but God has not given the commission to angels: He has given it to His people. 21 sermons • August 2017-November 2018. 256-237-1111, I’ve always attempted to keep my thoughts for the day positive and uplifting. This is a question that many of us can rattle off any number of differentresponses. Subscribe to our YouTube channel and ring the bell to receive notifications for when we’re live! The Book of Acts and the epistles give sufficient data for a sketch of Saul’s early life. Watch LIVE. Take me back to and click on the audio tab for a more complete list. 2Kings 18:4 We’re like that in the church! 520 Golden Springs Rd Jockabed prayed for a baby Moses Church at Thessalonica. Women's Transformed Testimonies, October 14, 2012 He was born in Tarsus in Cilicia (Acts 22:3), a “Hebrew of the Hebrews” (see 2 Cor. We ca, What are you willing to sacrifice to make your spo, What is God trying to do in and through you? Peace – true peace only comes from Jesus.2. Because God used a certain method to answer prayer and bring deliverance, we want to hold on to that and keep it with us. Joab knows about it; the mighty men know about it; the people on the street and in the homes know about it. 1:16,nkjv). There are moments in our life that feel impossible, Our 2021 Compassion Kickoff is THIS WEEKEND! Want to watch on a Smart TV? He was one of Satan’s clever counterfeits; and, had Peter not exposed the wickedness of his heart, Simon would have been accepted as a member of the Samaritan congregation! An expository series through the book of Acts. But David is the only man who prays for a nameless baby. We recognize and support an individual’s calling and talents, desiring that each member of the family succeed at their God-given purpose. You cannot step into your future while you are still thinking in your past! Saturday at 5:00 PM Depending on the group they are held on different days of the week. We can try all the means and ways to help raise somebody. He was gifted by God to battle Israel’s enemies, and he used that gift to destroy the Philistines. 23:15, 33; John 8:44), and it would be true of Paul’s ministry also (Acts 13:6ff; 2 Cor. Moody!” It is every Christian’s business to share the Gospel with others, and to do it without fear or apology. 21 Days of Prayer. New Year, New You. -- Abba Father Run your private cloud office – OnlyOffice. Let him take out of your life those things that were conceived during a time of sin and spiritual rebellion. He celebrated great victories, yet he also endured some great failures, brought on by his uncontrollable desire for lustful passion and a quick temperament. First Wednesday.


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