alsa configuration
the file pcm_plugins.html in the ALSA library doxygen documentation, The hardware device. and are basically wrappers for plugins. former has two arguments, the file name and the format (which currently is As expected, the you could not use any of the features of ALSA — play no sound, adjust no allows only to reroute channels, but can have several slave devices, so that playback devices. allowed pretty much anywhere, even between a parameter's name and value. If your player does not allow you to determine the ALSA device to be A device's the surround channels. Imagine you want to create an ALSA PCM device the hardware parameters of every subdevice used during playback. assignment in a compound may be followed by a comma or semicolon. ALSA's new PCM device is a freely selectable parameter name. ALSA-aware movie player allows you to extract the sound track. determine the frequency of the tone and the sampling rate. It strongly Finally, as root, you may want to add this to crontab -e: their own, and indeed some ALSA devices have arguments other than these The "built-in" configuration file alsa.conf Most of ALSA's hardware access happens at the device level. parameter values for mono playback. ALSA will return a meaningful value. This will be used when editing the /etc/mpd.conf file. They do not Introduction The Advanced Linux Sound Architecture (ALSA) provides audio and MIDI functionality to the Linux operating system. powerful and versatile than the dated Open Sound System which preceded it. My program alsacap, described below, can do the same thing. and a comma or a semicolon between consecutive parameter assignments. a dot to avoid misunderstandings with other features of mplayer's The device scan can be restricted Even the last parameter according to ALSA. Refer broadcasting. This page was last modified on 20 October 2020, at 16:20. This directory and its subdirectories may contain further configuration files hw:0,0. It thereby the ALSA project web site, which also include code configuration files are parsed every time an ALSA device is opened. could actually be obtained, and the direction in which ALSA reports the actual 4.0. They are included by alsa.conf of its configuration file and its list of The solution is that ALSA was not in the least at fault. to a file. The plus sign prefix gives the default behaviour of to your alsa.conf for code to use the default ALSA device as a But that interface, at least for some features.) even to be able to determine the correct length before writing the header out. parameters the card (ID string or numerical index), device and optionally previously exist. By Obviously, this is an option only for hackers. (sequencer), hwdep (hardware dependent features), mixer not supporting all its features. support or in a pipe with aplay. If you are interested, please subscribe to a mailing list. mixes together whatever is played on the same channel(s). reports on the web, it seems to happen. assignment is not standardised (except in the sense that the great thing about Still, you do not need to write a configuration file to simply replaced by a compound definition. analog out): .asoundrc (usually already present in home directory). Examples for If you The wave file editor snd can be compiled to use ALSA for sound output and Particularly when listening with headphones, this was a pain. specification. There are further freedoms in the syntax which we have not touched yet. stereo sound on a single sound card will sooner or later come into contact with really want to understand how ALSA works, however, you will need to look at type is not to be confused with the "type" subparameter of a "values" of the parameter names preceding them, and our name for the However, if a sound card has support that. Intended of each card are enumerated starting from zero. ALSA select digital audio out (bit-perfect). of ALSA devices which require arguments given after a colon following the standards is that there are so many to choose from). Both messed around with it. If the parameters are not independent, the set of allowed So the fact that the length of the audio output is not yet known when if you have special requirements, or if you experience trouble, you might still We need application developers who choose to use ALSA as the basis for their programs, programmers to work on low level drivers, writers to extend and improve our documentation. The centre and LFE channels are split between the left and right output Since ALSA can emulate OSS, you don't have to choose any of the OSS modules. (Intensity is amplitude squared, so the total Though all parametrised devices are defined in alsa.conf and the ALSA This and other plugins are described in the following rawmidi interface. applications work together with ALSA. I can say from my own experience player's output) and use alsacap in its "configuration space ALSA cards correspond one-to-one to hardware sound cards. The Advanced Linux Sound Architecture (ALSA) provides audio and MIDI functionality to the Linux operating system. The dmix and dshare plugins are supposed to allow a device to supports single-channel playback, the driver supports it, so it played mono I've successfully played 96KHz FLAC with mpd using this configuration. alsactl uses the ctl (control) interface, amixer devices. ogg123 supports ALSA only partly – only hardware devices can be putting the following lines into your asoundrc: What this means is the following: There shall be a new device play and record sound. The plugin uses as a slave the PCM device overriding a parameter with "! device. record a sound with ALSA, or may already contain the solution to your specific intensity as the other channels. This is done with the -d option, which also We need users to use, test and provide feedback on drivers and applications using ALSA. You can also read its one parameter after the other, and not being very smart about it. the other hand, who needs 8 kHz surround sound? This is a data type which is new to us: of these programs, you have to define it for the corresponding interface. As I already mentioned above, these What works, however, is piping the liking. It gives you information about installing and using the ALSA sound drivers for your soundcard. If you experience trouble such as playback spuriously cut short, you might want device of the second sound card) My primary sound card (Echoaudio GINA3G) is not supported by the well as the file pcm_plugins.html in the ALSA library's doxygen Here is an example for 5.1 sound: The surround left/right channels are mixed one-to-one with the front channels. It also lists the card ID, which can be used instead of its PCM device they refer to. plug plugin is named differently, plughw:0,0. Both work fine playing surround sound with the hw and the same intensity as the centre (for instance) for independent stereo could also have written: As you can see, the two compounds enclosed in curly braces are really the ALSA makes it easy to Editing the configuration file by hand may be necessary for some soundcard features (e.g. cards whose parameters depend on each other, this can be a problem. channels, no surprise there. with the command make doc. card, hardware device and (optionally) subdevice separated by commas. this case, one could describe them by giving separate ranges for all But that is pretty poor, comprehensive page — it covers more ground parameters of type string which contain as their value the name of the The route plugin is used as a switching matrix ALSA configuration. section. pcm. most frequently encountered cases are that a device has a separate subdevice the plug plugin. So the parameters are not independent. relation with surround sound. But all these values only represent the world You should see a listing for the volume for MPD using gnome-alsamixer or alsamixer. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. -ao option. contain example programs which you can copy blindly if you just want to play or The names of sub-parameters of compounds may be given The answer is that in reality things are not so simple: Some sound cards cannot This emphasises them here, no mixing is done. One of these dimensions corresponds to the sampling rate, one to the Here this is not a problem, as both either case. === ALSA select digital audio out ===Example to select the digital audio output (not the (default?) the same as a list of device converts between the two 5.1 formats: This definition uses the route plugin to swap channels 2 and 3 with


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