aloha bobby and rose filming locations
Sweet, clumsy grease monkey Bobby (an endearing turn by the likable Paul LeMat) is miserably dissatisfied with his dead-end garage mechanic job. I think the Elton John soundtrack really makes it. All rights reserved. But the music is well choreographed with the drag racing. The music to this movie is fantastic! LeMat had also been in American Graffiti, similar cruising theme, with DJ's playing in the background. ( Log Out /  It doesn't take a long time for them to start falling for each other. | Written and directed by Floyd Mutrux, who also wrote Freebie and the Bean! This film is a decent time passer for about 90 mins, but not a film that demands repeated viewings, see it at least once. 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Brassy, but tender-hearted counter-girl Rose (the lovely, lissome, wholly bewitching Diane Hull) is patiently waiting for the right man to walk into her life. This film is nothing more than a cheap melodramatic piece of crap, and I love it. Academy Award Winners for Best Foreign Film, Academy Award Winners for Best Screenplay, Academy Award Winners for Best Supporting Actor, Academy Award Winners for Best Supporting Actress. Getting loaded with Buford (Tim McIntire) in Tijuana. "Japan Box Office: Latest 'Doraemon' Cartoon Opens on Top", "Japan Box Office: 'Furious 7' Opens in Third, Hits Franchise-Best Numbers", "Top 10 Grossing Domestic Japanese Films of 2015 Listed", "Doraemon the Movie: Nobita's Treasure Island", "Aloha, Bobby and Rose, Worldwide Box Office",,_Bobby_and_Rose&oldid=974946684, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 25 August 2020, at 22:55. (P. Falk, A. Arkin) It's pretty good. I first saw it on release when Paul Le Mat was familiar to younger audiences from his role as fading hot rodder John Milner in George Lucas "American Graffiti". [9] Combined, the film's total Asian box office gross adds up to $83,812,757 as of September 9, 2018. We'll send you the most interesting Street Muscle articles, news, car features, and videos every week. After having Bobby's Camaro painted black and picking up Rose's son, Bobby and Rose stop at an ice cream parlor on the way out of town, where Rose leaves her son alone in the car for a few minutes while going inside. This is one of those movies so dull, that specifics about it blur from memory, but the distressful viewing pain lingers on. Aloha, Bobby and Rose is a 1975 American road drama film written and directed by Floyd Mutrux and starring Paul Le Mat, Dianne Hull, and Robert Carradine. Paul Le Mat. songs by elton john and others from the 1970s. However, one night, while in a liquor store, some thoughtlessness on his part and a bad reaction on hers lead to a death. '"[15] Gene Siskel of the Chicago Tribune gave the film two stars out of four and dismissed it as "one of those overwrought sob stories about a young couple who are always getting in trouble. We were one of the first people we knew to even get HBO back then. The film is now available on DVD. A young garage mechanic (Bobby) and fast food hostess (Rose) meet and quickly fall in love. Bobby is of the mind that NOBODY is likely to believe their version of events, so they take it on the lam. Highly watchable mid 70s car culture film. I saw for the last time about 20 years ago but I know I'll see it again one day. As I said previously, of a time where you believed anything was possible. Same here. Check out our picks for movies that (hopefully) won't keep you up at night. Though the plot and acting were B, the Soundtrack to Picture was pulled off well. I enjoyed seeing Robert Carradine looking like he was still in high school. I have great memories of this particular movie because I was young, in love and was with the love of my life and we saw this movie together. Now the two must go on the run and evade the police who are after them. Aloha, Bobby and Rose theatrical movie poster. The automotive star of the film: Bobby’s rodded out 1968 Camaro. Metacritic Reviews. Paul Le Mat was gorgeous, and the chemistry between Rose and him was good. This film has a great soundtrack, and the footage of the places along the Sunset Strip is excellent. It was then Purchased by cine-artist for the filming of Aloha Bobby and Rose. This car was originally built out of a 1967 Z28 and completely race prepped by Traco engineering for The Garner (actor James Garner) racing team. And there you have the reason for the great memories of movies like this one. You wince to see the waste of two attractive performers and a fair amount of competent craftsmanship on material so lacking in originality, aptness of thought or simple interest. For a 1970s ‘B-list’ movie, Aloha, Bobby and Rose is a surprisingly watchable and well-crafted film.In part, this can be attributed to evocative cinematography by William A. Fraker, known for his work with Bullitt and Rosemary’s Baby, however, the actor’s performances yield the most weight here.Le Mat is wonderful, but Tim McIntire steals the movie. LeMat and Hull make for a nice, appealing pair; they receive bang-up support from Robert Carradine as Bobby's ambitious, upwardly mobile social climbing pal Moxey, Tim McIntire as coarse, irascible, but still engaging redneck Buford, Noble Willingham as Bobby's big-hearted, gregarious Uncle Charlie, Edward James Olmos as a shady, menacing pool hustler, and Cliff Emmich as a quarrelsome loudmouth restaurant patron. There is a great emphasis on pop music and the radio in general. It would get a 5 or 6, but it has more sentimental value to me. Paul LeMat does a 360 in the middle of the Sunset Strip with his race ready 67 Camaro. Rose cries over Bobby's body. Yes, I'm a fan of old Detroit Iron. All rights reserved. I recognized the car right off. Always will be a favorite of mine. Looking for a slightly scary movie to watch this Halloween? I think the Elton John soundtrack really makes it. Rose misses her son and at one point boards a bus to return home, but finds she cannot leave Bobby and gets back off the bus.


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