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I can only say that I have been lucky in my life in so many ways. Her prize was a box of chocolates, a gold bangle and a round-trip ticket to the United States, sponsored by Pan Am. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Born on 20th August, 1934 in Muhos, Finland, she is famous for Miss Universe 1952. Those were exciting years for Armi. videos, "IS vieraili upean Armi Kuuselan, 78, kotona Kaliforniassa. Armi Kuusela Williams and Albert Williams by Tomi Hinkkanen When Albert retired from the State Department it was time for the couple to settle in his home country, the United States. At the time she weighed 49 kg (108 lb), and her height was 1.65 m (5 ft 5 in). PHOTOGRAPHS BY TOMI HINKKANEN ©. Armi fell in love head over heels and couldn’t wait to get married. That same evening Armi was recognized by the City of San Diego as the mayor issued a proclamation that read ‘Armi Kuusela Williams Day’. Armi was just 17 and her strategic measurements read like Scarlett O’Hara’s from Gone with the Wind:  height: 5′ 5″ , weight: 108 pounds,  bust: 33.5 inches, waist: 22 inches, and hips: 33.5 inches. See Armi settled into a quiet life of a retired socialite, dedicating her time to charitable organizations. Less than a year after being crowned, Kuusela chose to give up her Miss Universe crown on 4 May 1953 to marry Hilario in Tokyo after a whirlwind courtship. Another ex-patriot from the same area in Northern Finland, Taimi Mäkikihniä, recalls how Armi and Gil would be exhibited in a train car sitting at a station. Albert Williams and Armi Kuusela have been married for 42 years. She even gave up her crown three weeks shy of the end of her Miss Universe year, just to tie the knot with the man she loved. And for one lovely 17-year-old woman from Finland, that day would change everything. Armi likes to entertain her closest friends in the couple’s Spanish style two storey house decorated with antique furniture and decorative items they have collected from their travels around the world. It was directed by Veikko Itkonen, with writing credits going to Mika Waltari.[1]. When Kuusela won Finland's national pageant, Suomen Neito, on 24 May 1952, she was awarded a box of chocolates, a gold bangle, and a return ticket sponsored by Pan American Airways to the United States. His zodiac sign is Taurus Armi Kuusela is a 85 year old Finnish Model. It was held on 28 June 1952, and Kuusela, as Suomen Neito, captured the crown. She had fond memories of a recent birthday party for Albert at the couple’s house. Armi Kuusela Williams rarely goes to her native Finland without being surrounded by media. Banker Joy Blount has known the couple for ten years. Born on 20th August, 1934 in Muhos, Finland, she … Albert’s next assignment took them to the more exotic Izmir,Turkey. When Albert retired from the State Department  it was time for the couple to settle in his home country, the United States. and more from But now she had another role to play –  that of a mother. 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(function() { Armi was born August the 20th, 1934, and is the fourth oldest of the children. It used to be a vacation community for the very wealthy and  became known as ‘Beverly Hills South’. “We are all deeply involved in philanthropic activities, go to the opera, symphony concerts, talk about the politics and our families, Joy describes. [3], Kuusela and Hilario had five children: Arne, Anna-Lisa, Jose (Jussi), Eva-Maria and Miguel (Mikko). On 17 June, Kuusela took a Pan Am flight from Helsinki to Long Beach, California, where she took part in the first edition of Miss Universe contest. During her travels she met a dark and handsome Filipino businessman, Virgilio ‘Gil’ Hilario. Born on 20th August, 1934 in Muhos, Finland, she is famous for Miss Universe 1952. [5], In 2012 Kuusela was awarded the Order of the White Rose of Finland, with the rank of Knight (First Class).[6]. It seemed that the couple had everything anyone could ask for:  fame, fortune and a happy family. Born on 20th August, 1934 in Muhos, Finland, she is famous for Miss Universe 1952. Armi was born in the village of Muhos, which is located in Northern Finland, some 20 miles southeast of Oulu. })(); 77 years never looked lovelier. Armi Kuusela Williams and Albert Williams by Tomi Hinkkanen. The newlyweds moved to Manila, settling in the quiet suburb of Forbes Park. The beach community means  ‘the jewel’ in English. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. As of 2011, she and her husband were still living there. The tall trees and shrubs shield the house from prying eyes. The long self-imposed exile from the lime light ended this summer. Help keep Armi Kuusela and Albert Williams (i) profile up to date. The dining room table seats comfortably 12 people. A new house cost $9,000  and gas 25 cents a gallon. They meet at charitable events, at the opera, concerts and church. Try again later. Armi is an avid reader and loves nothing better than to curl up with a good book. She visited her native town of Muhos in August 2014. // .

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