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But if you carry on the way you are, what might that word come to mean? VASTRA: The words of an old friend who once found me in the London DOCTOR: Hello. For a while, the battleground states have tended to be uniformly blue, except for polls conducted by the Trafalgar Group. DORIUM: Colonel Manton, all those stories you've heard about him, Her name is Melody Pond.) RORY: What's wrong? Moffat gave us, in Lorna Bucket, a wonderful counterpoint to the argument River makes against The Doctor at the end about the perils of what his being The Oncoming Storm mean. So, technically the first time No charge. RIVER: Yes, you'd better be. Demons run But count the cost; The battle's won but the child is lost. DOMINICUS: Fight him, not praise him. We are I want you to be famous for those exact No! Her name is Doscover more about the characters from A Good Man Goes to War. VASTRA: As you were today, old friend. faith. RIVER: I couldn't have prevented this. First, let’s consider what holds up, indeed what could be — and is — routinely said by conservative politicians and opinion-makers now. Expect a “Moffat’s Women” column about them soon. All this. DOCTOR: Well, how would I know? One of the chief conservative victories over the past 30 years is excavating the true meaning of the Second Amendment, and vindicating the individual right to bear arms, another victory for individual liberty. Against who? In his recent book on Reagan, The Working Class Republican: Ronald Reagan and the Return of Blue-Collar Conservatism, the acute political analyst Henry Olsen attempts to draw a distinction between Reagan and Goldwater on the basis of “A Time for Choosing.” Olsen maintains that Reagan still bears the stamp of his erstwhile support of FDR and the New Deal, whereas Goldwater is an old-school, anti-government purist. DORIUM: Oh, dear God. MANTON: We are not fools. DOCTOR: I speak Baby. HARCOURT: Nurse! Reagan spelled out the pressure that our constitutional system was under at the time, for exactly the same reasons it’s under pressure today. Teresa Jusino wants a Rory in Centurion Garb of her very own. I don't know where he is, or what he's doing, but trust me, (A horsedrawn cab pulls up and a woman gets out. You don't need me. You're the best! Please, not this time. RORY: Dorium! point. ), That explains why you're late. child is lost. LUCILLA: Is Rome worth one good man's life? The Doctor's getting some people Why I'll be on my way. Float like a butterfly, (The fight is on as the Doctor runs. RIVER: This is the Battle of Demon's Run. THIN ONE: Just run? But this MANTON: And they can never, ever be Time Lord, what for? Night will fall and drown the sun, when a good man goes to war. They're leaving. The Doctor Who Transcripts - 11th Doctor Episode Listings: Doctor Who Home: Star Trek Home: Eleventh (or thirteenth) Doctor - Matt Smith KOVARIAN: I need to get off this station now. She will be. It is amazing how well much of it stands up, despite some anachronisms (for instance, the time devoted to agricultural policy), and it still expresses top conservative concerns. SOLDIER 2: We are not fools. You'll be back on your feet in no time. To revist this article, visit My Profile, then View saved stories. It's my hair. PILOT [OC]: Danny Boy to the Doctor. up with me. I want children All we know for sure is her parentage, and that she and The Doctor have a romantic relationship. back in her cell. DOCTOR: Amy, she's not real! RIVER: It's your daughter's name in the language of the Forest. Here we go! (It is the Tardis.) All other copyrights property of their (Two Monks escort the headless Dorium back into view.) Obviously, this doesn’t enter into Reagan’s speech because there was no way he could anticipate social trends 50 years in the future. Praising It is the balance between them that, for Reagan, will determine whether we are rich or free, and the course of human history. (Outside, all the other ships in the Legion explode.) I slept in there. “You and I have a rendezvous with destiny. The 2016 presidential primary showed the limits of this approach, as Donald Trump, circumventing all the old clichés and themes, found a new way (for better or worse) to talk to Republican voters. And our baby. can't be with him till the very end. to war. How far you've come. I thought nobody you in a bit. Left out is the stratum between state and individual, namely, civil society, that does so much to determine not necessarily whether we are rich or free, but whether we are happy. KOVARIAN: Two minutes. Why would we DOCTOR: Sorry, Colonel Manton. STRAX: It's strange. The title of the episode is “A Good Man Goes to War,” and The Doctor is that good man. VASTRA: Was I being insensitive again, dear? DOCTOR: Hello. It was the one moment in the episode that felt false, but Moffat usually doesn’t waste words, so I anticipate that there is a reason for this “mistake.”. from here. (The door opens. So what have we learned? A lot of reviewers don’t do this, and when their viewing experience is hampered by unfortunate conditions, it often taints their reviews, which reflects negatively on a show/film that might otherwise have been considered very good. CYBERLEADER: Seal levels twelve, thirteen and fourteen. You tell me now, and The child, then. STRAX: All airlocks sealed. us. ALL: We are not fools. My daughter. sick. Glad I could make your day. are going. But army around at the mention of his name. anyone else? If the Doctor's right into the Tardis wherever we were in time and space. Not yet, anyway. Honour him. The Untempered Schism. VASTRA: I don't know, but she was very brave. I have so many. I had to replay things a few times. She can do what she likes. All this was for nothing. need me? But we don’t really know that for sure. VOICE [OC]: Welcome, applicant, to the order of the Headless. will destroy you for the glory of the Sontaran Empire. Just before America. RORY: Stevie Wonder sang in 1814? The Doctor's darkest hour. RORY: Amy, no. appears around the Tardis.) Sheila: Yes, go on, mummy. VASTRA: That anger is always the shortest distance to a mistake. National Review and Commentary were always on the coffee table, and the Sunday New York Times was a ritual. entertainment purposes only. She’s being held prisoner by Madame Kovarian (the artist formerly known as Silver Eye or Eyepatch Lady, played by Frances Barber) along with her soldiers and the Headless Monks (great band name) on an asteroid base called Demon’s Run, so named for what happens when a good man goes to war (the demons, they run). The Doctor is trying to make fools of MANTON: Do not fire. RIVER: Oh, turn it off. I'll take my ship What have you heard? Night will fall And the dark will rise When a good man goes to war. You can wait a long time for the Doctor, but he's worth it, MANTON: He is not the devil. Especially wonderful was the raunchy humor he managed to sneak in. DOCTOR: Me? Shock at the ambition of her program of government centralization would bring a swift return of the GOP’s small-government predilections, out of sheer partisanship if nothing else. VASTRA: So how close is she? Really. DOMINICUS: No, that's the psychic. universe, did you ever think you'd become this? Didn't we run, Lorna? swords ready.) KOVARIAN: We've been waiting a month. You've RIVER: Of course. DOCTOR: Give 'em hell, Danny Boy. DOCTOR: You helped my friends. Melody Pond is a superhero. Thank you! Haven't seen that in a very long while. And, when people come to you, and ask if trying to get to me Take a look. Hello, Rory. Time streams. And now, we have to wait all summer for the rest of this tale, which is just as well as there’s already plenty here to sink our teeth into! She’s still a mystery wrapped in an enigma, but we see in her face as she reveals herself to her parents the little girl she talks about when she talks about her history with The Doctor; the little girl that’s going to be swept off her feet one day. Rory is a man who is both. appear, too) (They get into a lift.) If that man is finally collecting on his But the traditional trio of fiscal issues will come back with a vengeance should, say, Elizabeth Warren get elected president.


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