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Despite his good hands, he can’t seem to get good separation on a consistent basis and relies on being an outlet option in order to create production, something the Vikings already have in other players with better all-around skill sets. Now, assuming that the Vikings lose Bridgewater to another team, I believe that they would go ahead and draft Derrick Carr, quarterback from Fresno State. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. As always, if there is anything you want me to write about, leave it in the comments below. NE – Stephen Gostkowski 47-yard field goal, 8:32. GB – Eddie Lacy 10-yard run (Mason Crosby kick), 3:42. As you’d expect, he’d been beaten by speed rushes, but also didn’t have a great base or technique in pass protection, though was a very good run blocker. MIN – Blair Walsh 45-yard field goal, 13:26. He already said Zimmer is the only guy he’ll play for so it didn’t make any sense to keep him if he wasn’t starting. NYJ – Nick Folk 36-yard field goal, 2:28. Shortly after the half, the signal calling was turned to Christian Ponder, who managed a pair of first-down passes of 17 and 15 yards early on, but produced little thereafter. That is still bad but an easy mistake to fix. That said, some of the spectacular work he had isn’t replicable and it is likely his inability to separate as well as missing chemistry that saw him get cut. Also, Everson Griffen is poised to be the starting RE on this defense, and I don’t know about you, but knowing that makes me sleep a little sounder at night. MIN – Matt Asiata 7-yard run (Blair Walsh kick), 13:00. Though he started off camp with more talent than his showing in Philadelphia implied, mistakes he made then cropped up over the course of the preseason. Sherels is probably the 3rd or 4th best punt returner on the Vikings. They are young and very athletic on both sides of the ball, but they lack veteran leadership to get them over the hump. MIN – Blair Walsh 20-yard field goal, 5:28. As expected. It was inevitable that a late-round pick got cut, and this time it was Kendall James. MIN – Blair Walsh 26-yard field goal, 10:07. Two plays later, Ponder was picked off again, this time by LB Jamari Lattimore, leaving a short field for Rodgers to work into before throwing an 11-yard TD pass to WR Davante Adams. The loss resulted in the Vikings being officially eliminated from playoff contention. Bridgewater was injured on that drive, meaning that third-string QB Christian Ponder came in for his first appearance of the season. at Arrowhead Stadium, Kansas City, Missouri. Arif Hasan Aug 30, 2014. He’s a practice squad candidate, and I have no issue with that. MIN – Blair Walsh 30-yard field goal, 6:28. TB – Patrick Murray 45-yard field goal, 7:19. Banyard is much improved compared to last year, and his patience and vision have improved dramatically. Not a huge impact. I hope someone else picks him up right away. at Edward Jones Dome, St. Louis, Missouri. The Vikings are happy with their rotational pass-rusher depth, aided in part by Anthony Barr, who can line up at defensive end if need be from time to time. The “seventh” person on the receiver depth chart, it seemed like—though he did fade over the course of camp. NYJ – Nick Folk 44-yard field goal, 0:23. MIN – Teddy Bridgewater 5-yard pass to Allen Reisner (Blair Walsh kick), 0:24. He played really well in preseason, especially in the run game. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Bridgewater also saw a little action; though he made few pass attempts, he gained 40 passing yards and made two touchdown passes to Allen Reisner. His name is Jay Cutler. MIN – Blair Walsh 44-yard field goal, 11:29. This is naturally good news for Crocker, Coleman and Blanton. With only four days between games, Teddy Bridgewater had insufficient time to recover from the injury he picked up in week 4 and Christian Ponder made his first start since week 12 of the 2013 season. It was the first of two seasons in which the Vikings played at the outdoor TCF Bank Stadium on the campus of the University of Minnesota. Jabari Price rose through the ranks, but James stayed on the third and fourth rotations without tight coverage or impact plays to his name. They were aided on the drive by a penalty for unnecessary roughness against CB Captain Munnerlyn for a tackle on Brees, but many thought that Brees should also have been penalized for his reaction and the penalties offset. I think he’s talented enough for a practice squad (and not all ten spots are accounted for), but I haven’t heard anything about him being a target. Paired with everything else, the Vikings will likely have to find alternative ways to create safety talent, or start Exum early. He was not a particularly great prospect coming out of college, nor did he show improvement on the field. Again, no surprise. ( Log Out /  Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. That leaves this potential depth chart, not including IR: Wow! MIN – Blair Walsh 51-yard field goal, 6:42. The Vikings secured the game late in the fourth quarter as TE Kyle Rudolph connected with Cassel on a seven-yard touchdown pass, while Rudolph's former Notre Dame teammate Harrison Smith took an interception 81 yards for the Vikings' fourth touchdown of the game. This 2014 Deadspin NFL team preview is for those in the latter group. I will be refering to Matt Miller’s post on bleacherreport.com accessed on December 11, 2013 for who I believe the Vikings pick. Not true at all. Every time we have issues he is there to finish. Faciane was a favorite of mine for a period of time, but he didn’t sustain the flashes he showed at camp throughout the practices or the preseason. But there is one big problem, Cutler is not a very good player in cold weather, and that is exactly where the Vikings are going to be next season. As the first half drew to a close, the Vikings drove downfield to give Blair Walsh a 48-yard field goal attempt with 19 seconds on the clock; however, Patriots DE Chandler Jones was able to burst through the Minnesota offensive line and block the kick before scooping up the ball and returning it 58 yards for the Patriots' third TD of the half. It was the first of two seasons in which the Vikings played at the outdoor TCF Bank Stadium on the campus of the University of Minnesota. Even if we do in fact lose Jared Allen, Justin Tuck is also going to be a free agent next year as well. A difference for him has been how he attacks blockers and gaps, something he hasn’t nailed down yet. I’m not a fan of this move. MIN – Blair Walsh 33-yard field goal, 1:14. He’s a strong player and has a high work ethic. After initially stating that Adrian Peterson would return to the active roster for their Week 3 game at New Orleans, the Vikings later placed the running back on the inactive list indefinitely, pending the outcome of the court case against him. But clearly the team is placing more emphasis on long-term value rather than the short-term … which is good for the team (as long as the potential they see is really there to be developed). A second interception early in the second quarter resulted in another scoring drive for New England, as Tom Brady connected with Julian Edelman on a nine-yard TD catch. Teddy Bridgewater was the starter for this game, and led the Vikings to score 10 points in their first two drives. The only real challenge to either Adam Thielen or Rodney Smith’s spot on the roster as receivers, Colter will head to the practice squad if he clears waivers, which is good. Coleman doesn’t have the range to specialize in pass defense, where he had been better for the Vikings, so his ability to drop into the box was critical to his chances of success. The running back went into the end zone again at the end of the Packers' next possession with a 10-yard run, giving the home team a 42–0 lead. This is expected. Trattou is between the surprise/non-surprise stage in terms of cuts. GB – Eddie Lacy 10-yard pass from Aaron Rodgers (Mason Crosby kick), 8:34. Assistant Wide Receivers/Offensive Quality Control –. You said it: Evans was more of a 3-tech than a NT. The second half began in much the same vein, as the Packers forced a Vikings punt on the first possession before marching downfield to set Lacy up for an 11-yard scoring run. The Minnesota Vikings went into the 2013 season as a team that was thought to have a pretty vanilla season. MIN – Blair Walsh 41-yard field goal, 1:07. 53 Active, 12 Inactive, 9 Practice squad, Source for this section: Minnesota Vikings' official website. Despite coming into the game at 0–3, the Saints started well, scoring two touchdowns on their first two drives, although DE Everson Griffen was able to block the extra point attempt on the second. While Bridgewater would be a dream come true for the Minnesota Vikings, I think he has great potential to be taken ahead of their pick. Lol re: Reisner did you mean blocking chops instead of chopping blocks? Nothing too great, but not terrible either. He was evidently doing better than Kamar Jorden, Andy Cruse and Ty Walker—enough to stick around—but he wasn’t a real roster candidate. But many, many more people are NOT fans of the Minnesota Vikings. A lack of aggressive pass defense will hinder the Vikings against a division of good to great quarterbacks. The defense then forced the Patriots into a three-and-out, only for Cassel to throw an interception attempting to find Jarius Wright deep downfield. He also has a bigger chance of being resigned by the Bears than he does of becoming a Minnesota Viking. After forcing Atlanta into a quick three-and-out, Bridgewater led the Vikings downfield to the brink of another touchdown, but a lack of time meant they had to settle for an 18-yard Blair Walsh field goal to give them a 24–14 lead at the half. MIN – Blair Walsh 21-yard field goal, 14:53. May be a PS guy, but I doubt it. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Posey on the practice squad or with a team by the time waivers are through. There was no way he’d be on the team they’re building to be a contender in ~2016. American Football Database is a FANDOM Lifestyle Community.


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