Spring Advisory




Spring Advisory Services is a new boutique investment bank that is focused on helping women owned and led companies manage and grow their businesses more efficiently. They combine current management consulting with investment banking services, including business expansions with proper positioning for debt and equity capital.

When it came to building their brand and creating their logo, Splash Creative wanted to incorporate the concept of a spring. A spring must battle and push through its obstacles and flow to the surface, just like Spring Advisory’s mission to disrupt the banking industry. Splash Creative wanted to help spread these fresh ideas and show the flow and colors of a spring in the logo. Given the business was a women-led venture we wanted to font type to be something more pleasant than your more common and harsher fonts.

Splash Creative made it their mission to design a website to proudly display Spring Advisory and the people who run it.

In order to build an online reputation, Splash produced an easy to view case study page that navigates the user through various transactions conducted by Spring.

Finally, Splash Creative wanted to give a clear view of the investment and operating principles that Spring utilizes. Splash thus designed an easy to read transaction services page that broke down into individual services and explained how they related to their specific industries.