Manhattan Valley Pediatrics




Manhattan Valley Pediatrics is a new pediatric practice serving upper Manhattan. Unlike a typical doctor’s office, MVP wanted to make their practice a comfortable, welcoming environment for families, a place that was an integral part of the community at large. When it came to their branding, Splash Creative knew just what to deliver.

Unlike most medical facilities, which tend to lean more toward blues and greens, MVP wanted to create a colorful retro vibe, something without sharp edges. A logo that just screamed “fun.” Together with MVP, Splash designed a logo that included yellow, orange, and pink, a continuous loop through the MVP letters. This symbolized continuous growth, and how they wanted their patients and their families to grow with the practice. We loved the idea of this colorful and retro loop, and when it came time to design their business cards and letterhead, we decided to place this feature in the spotlight.

We also knew that with a practice that placed such a tremendous emphasis on community, we needed to create a website that would reflect this core value. From a single sketch, we created a vibrant cityscape that spoke of their connection to their community. Next we wanted to bring a splash of color to an otherwise black and white canvas. By adding the brand colors to the image, we illustrated the ways in which MVP adds a splash of color and hope to their community. When it came to portraying the office within the artwork, we decided that rather than a storefront, we would use an apartment building to represent the idea of a community doctor: if you need help, come right in and take a seat.

Designing their website was an intuitive process for Splash Creative. Unlike a typical site, which might use stock or professional images, we decided to focus instead on the MVP family. Rather than having the doctors posing in white lab coats, we asked them for pictures of them with their children. We wanted to communicate to prospective patients and their families that the members of the MVP team were parents in the community, and knew just what they were going through.