The Jewish Home


The Jewish Home Family operates two state-of-the-art nursing care facilities in New Jersey. They seek to provide the very best care and service to older adults and their families regardless of race, religion, or financial ability. They approached Splash Creative to revamp the memorial database program housed in the lobby of their homes that acknowledges various memorials and donors. The old system had not been updated in a number of years and they were ready for a system with improved functionality. Splash designed and developed a new program and front-end interface that they were proud to display in their lobbies. When it came to building the program, we knew that we wanted to allow for more than just the listing of a name. We built in functionality to include the name, a photograph, a biography, and the date of the memorial. The program now allows its users to post and look up memorials, dedications, and endowments. Most importantly, users are now better able to honor the memory of, and learn more about, the deceased member.